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Terri Wisby

Specialty: Cosmetologist, dermatologist

Education: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Work experience: 13 years


My name is Terri Wisby, and I’m a dermatology doctor in the cosmetic clinic in Houston, Texas. For three years, I am making people healthier, happier, and more beautiful by taking care of their skin. Many people believe that beauty demands sacrifices, but in my medical practice philosophy, beauty is about self-love and proper skincare.

Modern medicine and cosmetology allow doing wonders to one’s skin, starting with plumping lips up to complete rejuvenation: dermal fillers, Botox, mesotherapy, cosmetic threads, laser, peelings, and dozens of other cosmetic procedures can make the skin younger, healthier, fresher, and more beautiful. In the articles, I share my medical experience and opinion on the most popular procedures and remedies.

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