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DESIRIAL Products? Gels for Your Beauty and Health

These are gels, one of which has the prefix Plus. They are different in their concentration and viscosity. In order to buy Desirial online, it is necessary to turn to a competent specialist who will help to choose a suitable product.

Differences and Characteristics

The simple preparation Desirial is intended to rehabilitate tissue tropism in order to increase the elasticity of the skin and return it to its tone. The acid is introduced into the tissues through injections, simultaneously improving their quality.

The special preparation DESIRIAL Plus is more elastic and is intended to correct the vulva, or rather, to correct its imperfections and morphological defects. The drug effectively reduces functional disorders.

How Can These Preparations Help?

Through injections, the acid is introduced into the desired area, where it provides an active hydration process. This procedure ensures mechanical pressure and indirectly increases the activity, synthesis, improving the quality of the “treated” zone.

Are There Any Effects of Age-Related Changes? What are They?

Female genital organs along with other systems and elements of the body are prone to aging. During the course of menopause, tissues suffer because of a decrease in the production of female hormones? estrogen. Therefore, the mucous membrane of the vagina becomes thinner, dries out with time and becomes weaker. Natural defence mechanisms are not as effective as they were in their youth, which provokes a serious risk of infectious processes. This affects the quality of a woman’s life.

What Specialist Can I Consult Before I Buy Desirial Online?

Absolutely any doctor whose specialization is reconstructive and functional gynaecology through the use of the preparation in question can provide assistance. Injections should be given in specialized rooms by doctors who are proficient in the filler injection technique, i.e. have been trained and received a certificate. It is very important that the doctor should know the anatomical features of the female reproductive system.

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Nuances of the Procedure

Before the procedure anesthesia is achieved with local anesthetic drugs. Injections are traditionally given into the part of the vulva and the area in front of the vagina. Extremely thin needles can be used by the doctor, which will ensure that the injections will be performed superficially.

As for the preparation DESIRIAL Plus, it is introduced under the skin, in particular, in the area of the labia majora. Cannulas of small sizes are used for this procedure. Therefore, any damage to the skin is 100% excluded. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

What Effect Can One Expect?

Both drugs:

The clinically proven effects are that 94% of women were able to improve their lives after six months of treatment. And 93% of women achieved results after a year of therapy with DESIRIAL Plus.

Are There Any Contraindications?

Yes, they are:

In order to avoid problems, it is worth reading the instructions before using the product.

Are There any Adverse Reactions?

Yes, they are likely. These may be:

They all disappear a few days after the procedure.

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