Aqualyx 10 vials


Manufacturer: Marllor, Italy.

Release form: 10x8ml vials.

Aqualyx lipolytic is an injection drug for non-surgical liposuction of a new generation, which allows reducing local body fat in one procedure. Analogs Aqualix currently does not exist!

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In 2009, Professor Pasquale Motolese, a well-known plastic surgeon, the developer of the Aqualyx preparation, and the author of the method for eliminating local fat deposits, after long studies, proposed a new method that allows refusing from liposuction surgery.

In the first two years in Europe, more than 200,000 procedures were performed without serious side effects reports! Now, Aqualyx available in the USA as well.


The composition of the Aqualyx dermal fillers preparation differs from the traditionally used preparations based on phosphatidylcholine/disoxycholate and is today recognized as the most effective in the fight against local fatty deposits.

Aqualyx is an aqueous gel solution, which includes polymer 3:6-anhydro-l-galactose and D-galactose, buffer systems, 3a, 12a-dihydroxy-5b-24-deoxycholic acid, sodium salt, saline for injection. The drug is biocompatible, completely absorbable.

Areas for Aqualyx injection:


Intralipotherapy involves the deep introduction of the drug into adipose tissue. The introduction is made with special Lipoinject needles clearly in accordance with the protocol of the procedure. The technique of intralipotherapy can only be used by doctors who have undergone special training. With proper use of the method, a high degree of treatment effectiveness and the absence of complications is ensured. The introduction of the drug through intralipotherapy is painless and does not require additional anesthesia. Aqualyx injections cost is $589 in our web store FillerSupplies

Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx is intended only for the correction of local fat deposits and is not suitable for the treatment of cellulite and general obesity.

On average, about 4 procedures are required with an interval of 3 weeks.

In between intralipotherapy, it is recommended to do massage, pressotherapy, ultrasound to enhance the effect of the drug.



The drug Aqualyx should be used in healthy people with no skin diseases in the injection zone, with a positive history of an anaphylactic reaction, with no autoimmune diseases, during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the drug is not used if the thickness of the adipose tissue is less than 1.5 cm.

Before using the drug, a doctor’s consultation is required.

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