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Lipoinject Product for Beauty and Youth

Intralipotherapy procedures carried out by using special Lipoinject needles are a new method of correction which helps combat fat deposits at the local level. The method is the result of a progressive technique used in the process of getting rid of fat through the use of a non-invasive method. Each needle removes the effects of contour deformation without causing weight loss in general. To manage this procedure, you will need to use a special liquid preparation with anti-aging properties, as well as Lipoinject needles.

A Brief Description of the Procedure

In practice, the preparation which is drawn in the needle is a solution containing water of high viscosity. It has optimal biological compatibility with the tissues and resolves in them perfectly well. There is no Phosphatidylcholine in the preparation, owing to which the product is harmless and safe.

There are several zones in which such needles can be inserted without difficulty:

Regardless of the type of operation, the specialist who performs it should be able to handle the injection technique perfectly well.

Why Buy Lipoinject Online: Advantages of the Product

The product called Lipoinject is notable for its positive characteristics, namely:

Detailed Description

Lipoinject needles are thin and can be used strictly by doctors in accordance with instructions and safety measures. They are made of steel material and are suitable for carrying out any fat-dissolving procedures. You can buy Lipoinject online on the site in virtual mode or by calling.

One kit contains 20 needles intended for small areas or the same number of needles used for medium-sized/ large areas. These products are ideal for the introduction of fat-dissolving solutions. They have been designed for the homogeneous use of substances in order to introduce them into any layers of fat tissue, ensuring a homogeneous distribution and minimum pain.

Despite their thinness, the needles are durable. The instructions for use say that they can penetrate into the deep layers of adipose tissue. They are used to introduce preparations containing ingredients that increase the membrane permeability. Processed by the body, they lead to the destruction of fat cell structures. After their destruction, the area of the application is reduced in size and acquires the most well-defined contours.

The needles can be used only by specialists in the field of medicine who have undergone specialized training. The area of their use is thoroughly disinfected, and then the preparation is drawn in a syringe and injected into the tissue. The doctor must follow the technique. After that, it is permissible to make use of the ultrasound device that destroys fat cells.

Patient Selection Criteria

In practice, when selecting patients for the procedure, medical specialists are guided by certain principles and criteria:

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