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The success of Teoxane

Laboratory Teoxane (a manufacturer of Teosyal), which is situated in Switzerland, is one of the leaders in the world market in the field of aesthetic medicine for the production of effective, absolutely harmless high-quality injection preparations for smoothing and filling wrinkles. The famous products of this professional cosmetic brand that use hyaluronic acid as a base element are known and widely used in 90 countries around the world under the brand name Teosyal.

At the core of the concept of Teoxane is the accuracy of medical science, the development of drugs that are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, do not contain parabens and phenoethoxyethanol, are manufactured in accordance with pharmaceutical standards in conditions of patent safety and efficacy.

Teosyal lines of products

Teosyal preparations that everyone may buy produced by the Teoxane laboratory in Switzerland are designed for bio revitalization and contour correction. They help to remove scars, obvious involute changes in the skin (wrinkles, loss of tonus, thinning and flabbiness), adjust the shape of the face and its individual parts (nose, cheekbones) and increase the contours and volume of the lips.

The Teosyal line consists of such groups of preparations which are offered online:

Teosyal products’ key features

The Teosyal range consists of several monophasic hyaluronic acid-based products (which are mentioned above) of non-animal origin. They could be described as effective, long-lasting and safe, so, worth of buying online with the best prices. Those agents are highly biocompatible and at the same time offering patients immediate results.

The Teosyal range is based on specific patented technology. It has a reduced protein and bacterial endotoxin level that results in fewer hypersensitivity reactions. In addition, certain products in the Teosyal range are now delivered by fast shipping with 25g ultra-thin wall needles.

Scientists have proven reduction from 20% to 50% of the needed force to inject Teosyal dermal filler implants comparing to current common needles. Also, that leads to excellent skin penetration thanks to the double bevel design of the extremity and the lubrication of those needles.

Why Teosyal fillers are so good

The main advantage of Teosyal fillers is the use of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which results in the improved compatibility of the drug and the reduction of the allergic reaction of the body. In addition, hyaluronic acid, used in Teosyal fillers, is characterized by an increased degree of purification, which considerably exceeds the requirement of pharmacological standards in Europe. It excludes the likelihood, in comparison with analogues, of any complications.

The improved formula of acid provides a strong connection of binders between the links of molecules, providing increased resistance to destruction. Therefore, the effect of the injected drug can last up to one year or more.

The advantages of Teosyal also include a wide range of offered agents for the best prices, when each patient can choose the most suitable density. In addition, all the fillers of the line are produced in two versions to buy: with an anesthetic, so that the procedure delivers a minimum of discomfort; and without it – in case of an allergy to lidocaine.

For the maximum effect, you may also try other dermal fillers (e.g. JuvedermRadiesseRestylane).

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