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Search for innovative solutions for the treatment of disabling illness and improving the quality of life of patients is the quintessence of the entire Ipsen Group’s activities. Increasing life expectancy makes the implementation of the noble vocation of the Group more important than ever and is expressed in finding effective therapeutic solutions for treating illness, relieving suffering, and benefiting the community.

Ipsen, the manufacturer of Dysport, is an international group of pharmaceutical companies that may be characterized by the following facts:

Taking look back, to strengthen its presence in Britain, Northern Europe and the United States, as well as to expand the portfolio of biological products, Ipsen had bought the English company Speywood (at that time known as Porton International) in 1994, which produced the drug Dysport.

The first release of the Dysport agent was held in England in 1991. And already at the end of 2001, Dysport was available in 75 countries, including the United States, where the drug was approved in 2009.

Dysport distinctive features

Many consumers, including online shoppers, often compare Dysport with Botox. In fact, you should not draw parallels. In essence, both of them are a botulinum toxin belonging to type A. The only difference between these agents lies in the country of origin. Dysport was released by French scientists as it was mentioned above. Botox is what cosmetologists from America have become famous for. It should be noted that there are other differences between these drugs. They are in the ratio of effectiveness and average required dose, the profiles of their safety, and as well as antigenic potentials.

The doctors have studied the Dysport very carefully before it becomes available for buying online. In the end, different studies were conducted more than in 100 countries. After them, most experts left only positive opinions about this remedy. The main advantage of Dysport is that a person often stops using particular facial muscles after a series of injections. As a result, new wrinkles will not appear.

Appliance of Dysport

Dysport injection is the transferring of a botulinum toxin under the skin, which in turn relaxes the muscles, paralyzing them. Mimic wrinkles are often formed due to improper care, illiterate diet, or muscle hypermobility. Sometimes, there are situations where it is impossible to get rid of wrinkles with simple creams, so one should resort to more radical measures, especially if wrinkles are deep. Dysport is an excellent prevention of age-related skin changes, as well as perfectly smothering of existing ones.

The injected agent limits the signals between the nerves and the musculature of the face, which relaxes the muscles. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed out. As specific composition contains a small concentration of botulinum toxin, Dysport does not harm neighboring tissues.

After a certain time, there is the complete decomposition of the injected agent, so the effect disappears nearly in six months. To always stay on top, forget about wrinkles, it is recommended to repeat the procedure every 6 months, ordering with the best price.

The effect of the usage of the following remedy can be observed in 2-7 days after its injection. As much as possible, the agent shows itself after 10-14 days.

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