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About Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is not a spell from the ancient druids’ book. It is a base for the so popular in the USA drug as Botox and less popular Xeomin and Dysport. The remedy has got a very wide spectrum of usage for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, and with every year, this circle increases.


This substance was famous in medicine a long time ago. In the beginning, it had sad fame of a deadly poison, which was mainly found in food, like sausages. That is how it got its name (from Latin ‘botulus’ means ‘sausage’). In a natural way, produced by the special kind of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, it can completely paralyze and kill the victim.

Only a certified specialist can buy botulinum toxin type A and B.

There are several types of this toxin, which are denoted by the letters from the Latin alphabet from A to G. These are known at the present times. However, scholars and medics occasionally come across new types. The most common are types A and B, and all of them can poison human beings, except type G, which mainly causes deceases in animals.

General information

Thus, botulinum toxin is the name of a substance, and Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and many others are the brand names. Allergan (manufacturer of Botox) was the first to pattern the formula and start producing the toxin in the form of the injectable drug and made it one of the most popular cosmetic and therapeutic remedies in the world.

Influence on the organism

Botulinum Botox affects the nerve endings, completely blocking them and making the muscles insensitive. This ability makes the drug perfect for treating the spasmodic deceases and eliminate the mimic wrinkles.

In a pure form, it is extremely dangerous, but Botox and other remedies of this kind use purified and refined substances in their drugs. Everything is about the doze, which is more concentrated if used for therapeutic purposes and lighter for the beauty procedures. That is why Botox injections have just a local effect.

When Botox botulinum toxin reaches under the skin, it blocks special proteins on the surface of the nerve fiber, which is responsible for receiving the signal from the brain and reacting to it. The nerves become insensitive, and the muscles relax.

The spheres of usage

Botulinum Botox is frequently used by therapists and cosmetologists for different purposes. By the way, in therapeutics, it was used much earlier than for eliminating wrinkles. This is the list, where Botox injections help the patients when very often nothing else can help:

Not all of the described usages are FDA approved. In some cases, the doctors use Botox injections off label at their own risk with the only hope to help the patient.

Side effects, dangers, and precautions

The high level of purification of botulinum toxin makes it safe for usage in medicine. The only potential danger lies in its ability to migrate and spread from the zone of injection to the neighbouring areas. This demands special professionalism from the doctor and caution from the patient.

Side effects:

These are normal reactions of the organism towards foreign substances, which disappear within the next few days. However, there may be severe individual reactions, which the patient should report to the doctor immediately.

Duration of effect

The remedy does not act directly after the injection. It takes up to one week for the toxin to paralyze the area and relax the muscles. The effect lasts from three to six months at maximum. The relief of effect is gradual, and after that, the nerve endings will completely renew their ability to receive the signals and react by contracting the muscles in the injected area.

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