Surgiderm 30XP
Surgiderm 24XP

The Surgiderm product is one of the newest products for injectable aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The fillers are created by Corneal company in France. The company owns a patent for the technology of production of hyaluronic acid of 3D structure. Due to the matrix construction of intermolecular bonds, all injections of Surgiderm have increased resistance to thermal effects. They are available in the form of gels containing synthesized hyaluronic acid up to 24 mg/g. Usually, cosmetologists work with 24XP and 30XP products. If you are interested in these fillers you can buy Surgiderm online in our catalog.

How to buy Surgiderm fillers online?

You can buy Surgiderm online in three ways:

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Surgiderm price and the features of the product line

The Surgiderm product line allows you to eliminate age-related skin changes and correct the shape of an oval face. Filler Supplies Online Store is a responsible supplier of Surgiderm. In our catalog you can see prices and buy the following items:

The name of the product Review of the product
Surgiderm 24XP Hyaluronic acid (24 mg/g) is the basis of the product. The filler is injected into the middle layer of the skin. It allows you to fight with moderate wrinkles, not deep folds, small scars. In addition, the product is created to correct the volume and shape of the lips.
Surgiderm 30XP The basis of the product is hyaluronic acid of a high degree of viscosity (30 mg/g). It is perfect for work in the area of the face. The product is created for correction of the form of the cheekbones, augmentation of the lips, ptosis of the facial tissues (nasolabial folds, oval face correction, and removal of deep scars).

Contraindications of the product and the duration of the effect of the procedure

The use of the Surgiderm brand is forbidden when patients have:

After the procedure with Surgiderm, the effect of contour plastic lasts on average 9 – 18 months. This period depends on the chosen filler and the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. During this time, the gel decomposes into small molecules and is removed from the body naturally.

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