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Supartz 2.5ml

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Supartz is an effective drug for the treatment of osteoarthritis and post-traumatic joint changes. This orthopedics injection is also used to improve joint mobility and also as an additional substance in orthopedic operations. As well as, doctors appreciate Supartz’s effectiveness in the field of eye surgery. The drug is used for operations on the anterior and posterior segments of the eye for laser therapy, etc.

Hyaluronic acid is the main active ingredient of the drug. It is available in synovial fluids of the human body, thus the remedy is well absorbed. Since osteoarthritis provokes a deficiency of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid, Supartz injection improves the functional state of the joint.

There are No Contraindications but… There are Side Effects

Yes, the remedy doesn’t have contraindications – cases, when the drug has caused harm to someone are currently unknown. However, there exist side effects after using the remedy. Read the info below to be ready and don’t ask what to do after a Supartz injection. The list of side effects includes:

Anyway, when the patient feels uncomfortable after the procedure, he/she should call the doctor and get medical consultation about his/her condition.

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