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Radiesse With Lidocaine 1.5ml
Radiesse 1.5ml
Radiesse 0.8ml with Lidocaine

If you need contour plastic face, then Radiesse will help you. These drugs are used by doctors from around the world to correct the face without surgery. They do an excellent job with their tasks. They include such fillers as: hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite. Due to this, the result of the application lasts for a year or even half a year. Do you want to look a few years younger? Then you should buy Radiesse online at our online store

The main advantages of drugs brand Radiesse:

Buy Radiesse online

You can purchase high-quality products from Radiesse at an attractive price on our website through an electronic shopping cart. If you cannot make a choice, then our online consultants will come to your aid. Call: +1 (888) 392-6640.

Indications for use

Experts prescribe a complex of procedures with Radiesse preparations to their patients if:

Who should not use the brand Radiesse?

The manufacturer advises not to use drugs for such people who may experience an allergic reaction to some of the components. Also, note that the injections of this “professional cosmetics” should be done only by the doctor.

It is best not to give shots to those who:

Strongly contraindicated this drug for pregnant women and breastfed. It is also not recommended to give injections during menstruation.

Side effects

After taking medications from Radiesse, side effects may occur. They are associated with muscle pain and itching. In rare cases, swelling and hypersensitivity of the skin were observed.

But it all depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist who performs the procedure.

Is it possible to combine with drugs from other companies?

The manufacturer does not recommend in the first two weeks to carry out any hardware procedures. Therefore, it is best for this period to refrain from the use of drugs for skin care of the face.

Frequently asked questions:

“Where can I buy Radiesse online, besides” – Nowhere, only our online store is fully responsible for the quality of the products supplied.

“Are the preparations of the brand Radiesse harmful?” – No, if you have good skin and no contraindications.

Radiesse price

The price of the drug depends on the amount of work of the beautician – how many syringes are required. The manufacturer recommends using 0.8 ml for a light correction, 1.5 ml for wrinkle correction, and 3 ml for correcting wrinkles.

On the Internet, you can find a large number of offers – buy various Radiesse branded drugs. Be careful! Don’t fall into the hands of scammers.

Our online store offers a wide range of Radiesse products at a reasonable price. For example, Radiesse price per syringe is $ 189, Radiesse wholesale prices for 51 needles and more – $ 164 per unit.

Nice price? – We think so too!

Products Radiesse will help you rejuvenate your skin for a few years. Hurry up to buy Radiesse dermal filler online at wholesale prices. The action may end ahead of time!