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Radiesse by Merz Aesthetics – the number-one choice when it comes to collagen production stimulation, facial rejuvenation, as well as body shape correction. This dermal filler is well-known not only for its ability to deal with severe facial wrinkles in aged skin; on the contrary, many specialists primarily choose it as an alternative to specific goals mainly reached by plastic surgery (for example, Radiesse butt lift, also known as Radiesse BBL).

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Can I Buy Radiesse Online at FillerSupplies?

In case you want to buy Radiesse or any other brand on this website, it is possible to do it via:

Remember: It is only possible to purchase facial fillers online at FillerSupplies if you have a valid medical license that proves your experience as a board-certified specialist.

Here, it is possible to buy either via retail or wholesale, so select the best option that works for you. The following advantages are available to every customer:

Primary Information About the Radiesse Filler

Hyperdilute Radiesse belongs to dermal fillers, the main goal of which is to eliminate severe wrinkles and folds and deal with volume loss issues. It stimulates collagen production in the treated zones, so the results are usually long-lasting, noticeable, and natural-looking.

Unlike the most popular cosmetic injections in the aesthetic beauty sphere (we mean hyaluronic acid fillers), the Radiesse brand has calcium hydroxyapatite (30%) and aqueous gel carrier (70%) in its composition. This factor makes the product suitable for facial rejuvenation and certain procedures for the body, typically related to saggy skin problems. The product is safe and FDA-approved, and it makes it ideal for individuals with various requests, conditions, age, etc.

Radiesse for Jawline, Cheekbones, And Other Purposes

Radiesse dermal filler is perfect for numerous aesthetic purposes, namely:

Remember: Radiesse filler for lips is not an option, as calcium hydroxyapatite cannot be used in this area. For lip augmentation, it is better to use suitable hyaluronic acid injectables, such as Juvederm, Restylane, and others. 

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Due to the composition of the ingredients included in these dermal fillers, the effectiveness after the treatment is pretty durable. On average, Radiesse results stay for up to 15 months based on individual health peculiarities, wrinkles’ depth, age, and other crucial factors.

In order to preserve rejuvenated looks after the administration session, specialists recommend repeating the treatment approximately once a year not to let the filler wear off completely. Regarding the speed of the product’s actions, Radiesses cannot provide immediate results; typically, from seven to ten days are needed to see that injectables treat signs of aging and offer excellent rejuvenating effects.

Procedure Protocol

Products like Radiesse are meant for professional usage only because they require special administration techniques (to not be accidentally injected into the blood vessel). Thus, this brand is available for purchase only to board-certified medical specialists. 

Before the injection session, the primary aesthetic goals of a patient are discussed during the consultation to make it easier for a doctor to create a perfectly suitable treatment plan. Before the filler administration, a topical numbing cream is usually applied to ensure the procedure will be as painless and comfortable as possible. Then, the product is administered under the skin with the help of an ultra-thin needle; after the procedure, a specialist may massage the target zone slightly to spread out the filler evenly.

Some time is required to see the first results, but it is crucial to be calm and wait for all adverse reactions to disappear fully. In order to avoid severe adverse reactions, it is recommended to follow some pieces of advice, such as stop taking blood-thinning medications, don’t visit overheated places (like saunas or hot tubs), don’t rub the treated zone, stop exercising for a day or two, etc.

Storage Conditions And Shelf Life

Radiesse under eye fillers should be stored at a temperature from 15° C to 25° C. After opening, the filler has to be used immediately; it is forbidden to use the product if it has been opened and stored for some time.

Speaking about the shelf life, the remedies may differ a little bit based on the product’s type:

You cannot use the filler after the expiration date because it may lead to unexpected health conditions in an individual.

Primary Warnings Patients Should Know

As it was already mentioned, a consultation before the treatment session is a crucial step that helps to guarantee a safe procedure and minor side effects to a customer. During the appointment, the specialist usually talks about possible adverse reactions and contraindications that cannot be ignored. Let’s have a closer look at those.

Side effects are natural for any type of aesthetic treatment. Some individuals don’t experience any of them; however, mainly at least one of them occurs after the injection session. So, the most common symptoms are:

We recommend taking a day off from work after the treatment to make sure the recovery process is quick and that no complications occur afterward. In case any signs of severe allergies (like swollen throat or trouble breathing), filler migration, or other severe adverse reactions occur after the injection session, it is crucial to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.

What are the main contraindications people should be aware of?

Radiesse Before And After – Available Variations

Radiesse cheek filler is available at FillerSupplies in different forms; the main difference is its volume which is defined after discussing all patient’s goals and desired outcomes. In case you wonder how much does Radiesse cost, it mainly depends on the size of the vial, namely:

All products have with and without lidocaine options, and the right one is picked based on a customer’s requests, health peculiarities (e.g., allergies), target zones, and other factors. Get in touch with our managers to make sure everything you need is currently in stock and can be sent to you as soon as possible. If not, there are some alternatives on our website we may offer instead!