Mesotherapy Restylane

This injector pen gives excellent volume application over large surface areas of skin to give the most optimally designed results.


Manufacturer: Q-Med, Sweden.

Form of release: syringe 1-2ml.

Restylane is a general name for the line of skincare products from the Sweden manufacturer Q-Med, a part of the Galderma holding. They have elaborated Restylane fillers, products for mesotherapy, Restylane creams, etc. Their remedies are characterized by top quality, perfect combinability, safety, and excellent results. At FillerSupplies, you can buy Restylane Vital Injector 2ml, Restylane Vital Light Injector 2ml, Restylane Vital Light Injector Lidocaine 1ml for mesotherapy injections.


The basis of the composition is 2% and 1,2% bound hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The formula is enhanced by NASHA’s unique patented system. The drug is intended to combat age-related skin changes and general facial rejuvenation due to deep and intense hydration.

Indications for the Restylane injection:

Restylane Vital mesotherapy products are a “first aid” for the skin after aggressive techniques (resurfacing, peeling) and mechanical damage to the integrity of the skin. The procedure with Restylane Vital will renew the face, fill the skin with moisture and freshness.


In general, there are two varieties of this remedy, which fight different problems.

Restylane Vital is the main drug. Due to the 2% concentration of hyaluronic acid, the skin receives intensive hydration and is noticeably smoothed immediately after the introduction of the composition. At the same time, the components contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, nutrients in the tissues, and the production of their own hyaluronic acid.

Restylane Vital Light is a lightweight version of the drug. Created on the basis of 1.2% hyaluronic acid, it delicately and gently acts on problem areas, gently pulling up the tissue and giving the skin a flowering appearance.

Restylane Vital Light is ideal for injection into the delicate, sensitive areas of the neck, décolleté, and arms; serves as an excellent prophylactic against early aging.

How long does Restylane last? The obtained effect lasts up to 9–10 (Restylane Vital Light) months and 6-9 months (Restylane Vital).


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