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Botulinum Botox Products

Botulinum toxin is a protein capable of disrupting the transmission of an impulse from a nerve ending to a muscle, thereby causing muscle paralysis. Today, it is one of the most popular drugs for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. There are different types of this toxin, all of which are indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet, but just A and B are used in medicine. The Irish pharmacological company Allergan has elaborated a unique technology to purify and dilute the substance to obtain perfect botulinum toxin Botox, which is successfully treating and returning the patients’ youth and beauty for more than twenty years.

Indications for Botox therapy:

For adults:

For children older than 2:

Botulinum Botox for wrinkles

One of the most widespread Botox usages is for cosmetic purposes. It is famous for its unique ability to erase fine and decrease deep wrinkles on the people’s faces, making them look younger and fresher. However, it works just for the mimic wrinkles caused by excessive movement of the muscles and no way for the one formed by the natural aging processes.

Wrinkles that Botox can eliminate:

Contraindications for Botox injections:

How does it work?

The first important remark is that Botox injections can be administered just by a certified specialist in a specialized clinic. The dosage of the drug may vary and is determined for every patient individually. How much botulinum toxin is in Botox? This question concerns every person who is going to undergo the procedure. The substance is highly purified and diluted. The concentration of the toxin in the shot is weak and able just to paralyze the nerve endings in the location of the shot. How does it happen?

The whole process is complicated. Botulinum toxin passes through the membrane of the nerve ending inward, and then “cuts off” certain proteins from the fusion complex. Every type of botulinum toxin attacks certain types of proteins. Botox botulinum toxin of type A attacks protein SNAP-25. Without it, the muscle is not able to obtain the signal, contract, and form creases and wrinkles.

The effect after the injection becomes visible within 2-5 days, increases during the next 2-4 weeks, and then, gradually decreases. If this is the first procedure, the doctor will inject a smaller dose and conduct additional procedure when the effect after the first injection starts to weaken. In general, the effect lasts between three-six months. If you are a certified specialist, you may buy Botox botulinum toxin type A in our online store.

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