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Macrolane VRF-30 10ml
Macrolane VRF-20 10ml


Manufacturer: Q-Med AB, Sweden.

Release form: 1 syringe x 10 ml.

Hyaluronic dermal fillers Macrolane are designed for non-surgical correction of the shape and increase in the volume of the breasts, buttocks, calves, and intimate plastics. The products have a temporary effect, allowing evaluating the result of changing the contours of the body, and is suitable as a test procedure before plastic surgery. At our website, you may buy Macrolane VRF 20 (10ml) and Macrolane VRF-30 (10ml).


Q-Med from Sweden, part of the pharmaceutical concern Galderma, in 2002 developed fillers for body shaping – Macrolane VRF 30 and VRF 20. A first remedy is a basic tool that is used in areas with high tissue density: bust, buttocks, and lower legs. VRF 20 is less dense, complements VRF 30 when aligning the relief of the skin. Often, both drugs are used together.

The abbreviation VRF stands for Volume Recovery Factor. The higher this indicator, the greater the volumetric ability of the filler.

The composition of Macrolane fillers includes stabilized HA with a concentration of 22 mg/ml; pH 7 phosphate buffer. The body biocorecorrector is available as a clear viscous gel in 10 ml syringes and is injected deeply under the skin using cannulas.

A temporary implant acts similarly to dermal fillers for the face, increasing volume by filling voids and attracting water molecules with hyaluronic acid. The difference is only in the volumes required for biocorrection. If 1-2 ml of gel is enough for a face, then 200-300 ml will be needed for breasts or buttocks.


Fields of application of the implant: breasts, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, intimate zones. Macrolane injections are not recommended for use on the face.



The effect of volumetric plastic surgery and Macrolane injections for buttocks, breasts, and legs is noticeable immediately after the end of the procedure, but it appears the best after two weeks when the swelling subsides. The duration of the implant is 12-18 months. Less than a year later, the introduced HA completely disintegrates, but the volume remains for some time due to the activity of own fibroblasts of the skin and muscles.

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