In 2006, a new brand Stylage appeared on the cosmetology products market, which through the years has gained popularity in injection plastic, being main competitor to many well-known brands nowadays.

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Composition and main advantages of Stylage

The main accent in Stylage fillers is their brand composition of three main components - modified hyaluronic acid, natural antioxidant mannitol (in some modifications - sorbitol) and lidocaine.

To stabilize hyaluronic acid, a patented technology of interpenetrating structured networks is used, thanks to which a matrix of cross-links of hyaluronic acid molecules independent of each other is formed in different layers of the dermis. This method of stitching gives this agent certain advantages:

  • Increased viscosity and enhanced density, allowing gels to remain in tissues much longer, providing a lasting and natural result of correction
  • The amount of BDDE binding agent in the final product is reduced several times for maximum safety and full compatibility of Stylage with dermal tissues
  • Easy and extremely accurate injection of fillers, due to their high plasticity.

For the first time, mannitol polyhydric alcohol is added to the fillers. It is a natural plant component that is present in large quantities in vegetables and fruits. In addition to a powerful antioxidant effect, mannitol slows down the process of hyaluronic acid decomposition and reduces puffiness after injections. Some drugs (Stylage Hydro) instead of mannitol contain sorbitol, which has similar antioxidant properties and perfectly retains moisture in the tissues.

Lidocaine, which is part of most Stylage products, completely relaxes the facial muscles and relieves pain at the moment of gel injection, making the procedure comfortable for both the patient and the beautician.

Stylage fillers line

Stylage products are designed to be injected into various layers of the skin and to solve any cosmetic tasks, ranging from the appearance of the first superficial wrinkles to serious aesthetic problems due to injuries. We, in Filler Supplies, offer Stylage brand for buying online at affordable price. Enjoy professional shipping and kind support.

In order to fill and smooth out wrinkles of varying severity, the series presents 4 main fillers:

  • Stylage S gel is the least dense and gentle in consistency, which lasts for up to 9 months and relieves minor wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows and in the upper third of the face
  • Stylage M corrector is actively used for working with mimic wrinkles, uneven reliefs of the cheeks and the first nasolabial folds; the effect of this preparation is maintained for about 1 year
  • Stylage L, a more concentrated filler, perfectly eliminates deep wrinkles and creases in the lower part of the face, deals with nasolabial folds and replenishes thin skin on the back of the hands; the duration of the result is also not less than 1 year
  • Stylage XL, the most dense hyaluronic acid gel, often used in volumetric modeling of the perioral area and facial contours; it is a product with a guaranteed stable effect for 12–18 months
  • Especially for natural correction of the volume and shape of the lips, the Stylage Special Lips filler was developed, which effectively eliminates wrinkles around the mouth. Anti-aging result lasts for 6-9 months in average.

To ensure only positive results of correction and revitalization, it is recommended to get acquainted with the list of contraindications and possible side effects, the information about which is indicated in the cards for each product. And, of course, the procedure of injecting the drug should be trusted to an experienced cosmetologist who owns the necessary techniques and with certified skills.