Pain in the knee is torturing and definitely shouldn’t be ignored for long. Think about it – it’s only one condition, and it can affect not only one’s life quality but also cause numerous other problems and traumas. When the pain becomes excruciating, and the combination of painkillers and physical therapy is not helping anymore, it’s a clear sign that more severe products should be used. That’s where such incredible brands as Orthovisc become pretty beneficial.

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What Should You Know About the Orthovisc Brand?

Orthovisc for knee joint pain – a well-known product of the Anika Therapeutics, Inc. manufacturer. It received FDA approval due to the incredible ingredients used to create a helpful formula for osteoarthritis patients. Thanks to the high molecular weight hyaluronan, this injectable can reduce painful sensations caused by joint rubbing. This gel creates a protective layer between them so that a patient can move freely again without any unwanted discomfort.

Orthovisc’s Composition

The main active substance used in this brand is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and with an ultra-pure structure. Its typical concentration is 15 mg/ml. Even though this injectable is comprised of sodium hyaluronate in physiologic saline, it’s still 100% biodegradable. Thanks to all the components, people may expect up to six months of effective pain relief; after half a year, it’s highly recommended to go to a doctor’s office to conduct a maintenance treatment.

In case Orthovisc is not the right option for a patient, it’s always possible to discuss alternatives. At FillerSupplies, we have many helpful and effective brands for knee joint pain relief, so make sure to check them out and consider them as helpful medications for your clients!

Indications for the Treatment

As was already mentioned, the primary task of Orthovisc is to provide a pain-relieving effect to an individual who suffers from osteoarthritis. The gel acts like a lubricant, similar to naturally occurring one between joints. Typically, this option is used when conservative treatment is not helping anymore. For example:

This product acts like a lubricant and shock absorber and can be used for different body areas; even though the knee area is the most common, the infection may also be performed in the elbow and hip zones. Of course, discussing a treatment plan with a doctor is crucial before using this product. This way, it’s possible to ensure there will be no allergic reactions, complications, or severe adverse reactions after the session.

How to Use Orthovisc for Knee Pain?

Regarding a treatment protocol for the Orthovisc brand, the steps are quite straightforward and understandable. However, we would like to remind you that these products belong to prescription medications, so a prescription from a doctor will be needed to buy them both online and in a local store. 

First, more than one injection is needed to experience the maximum beneficial effect of the gel. Specialists recommend having three to four administration sessions (one syringe of the preparation each) with at least a week intervals between them. Orthovisc dosage is calculated according to a patient’s needs and the complexity of the condition.

To decrease discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, the solution should be injected directly into the knee joint (a separate syringe should be used for each target zone). Before it, the area should be cleaned and numbed with the help of a topical anesthetic (if required). Knee joint effusion should be removed before the procedure if present; otherwise, it may lead to certain unwanted complications. Afterward, a person should wait a little bit for the gel to settle; we recommend avoiding strenuous activities for a few days to be safe.

Safety Information

Before using Orthovisc for one’s needs, discussing all the basic warnings and precautions with a patient is essential. In this way, people will be more confident before their first injection and will have a better understanding of what to do after the procedure.

It’s also possible to read more information about the treatment online in Orthovisc injection reviews. Patients often tell about their experiences on the Internet to help people like themselves to go through their first experience with an unknown product. 

Orthovisc Side Effects

As for the body’s negative reactions after the intra-articular gel administration, there are typically minor symptoms that can only cause mild discomfort for an individual. Among the most common ones are:

Other than these, more serious complications are pretty rare. Of course, a person should pay close attention to their well-being and inform a professional if any severe adverse reactions occur (it includes excruciating pain, trouble moving, problems breathing or swallowing, and other signs of allergic reactions). The sooner a professional is informed – the faster proper medical help will be received, so make sure not to ignore any warning signs.

To make the recovery process faster, we recommend following certain aftercare tips. Avoid heavy lifting and other weight-bearing activities for at least 48 hours, stop strenuous exercises for a few days, and apply an ice pack if the area is too swollen. An improvement will be noticed in no time, and it’ll be possible to return to a usual daily dynamic! 

Limitations Patients Should Be Aware of

Contraindications for Orthovisc knee joint injection include a few issues that should be discussed before the first treatment to ensure the procedure is safe for a person and won’t cause any harm to them afterward. These conditions should be mentioned during the consultation:

A separate discussion is needed if Orthovisc is about to be used by a breastfeeding or pregnant woman. All because it’s unknown how this product can affect a mother-to-be or a baby, so it’s better to be extra-safe and postpone the treatment for later.

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