This incredible dermal filler owns Tunable Longevity option which gives you opportunity to choose how long you want the result to last for.

Cosmetology is constantly being improved, offering patients the most effective and at the same time safe tools to deal with various aesthetic defects. Those effects inevitably arise due to age, endogenous, traumatic causes or under the influence of negative environmental factors. Among the preparations for injection rejuvenation, Ellanse products by the Dutch pharmaceutical concern “Aqtis Medical”, which have successfully passed the CE and FDA certification, are quite popular, confirming their high quality and harmlessness to the body.

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The unique composition and main advantages of Ellanse

The main active ingredient of Ellanse products is polycaprolactone – a popular suture material in medicine, which has the property of 100% biodegradation after a certain time. This substance has been successfully used in surgical and dental practice for more than 20 years without any adverse reactions; this clinically proven complete safety for the human body has prompted scientists to use the substance in cosmetology.

Ellanse products perfectly deal with a variety of aesthetic problems, starting with a light wrinkle mesh in different parts of the face, and ending with deep nasolabial folds, contour deformations and correction of old scars. The principle of action of drugs is based on the instantaneous filling of voids and irregularities formed under the skin with polycaprolactone microcapsules, the molecules of which have a spherical shape, which positively affects the gradual encapsulation of the dermis tissues.

Over time, polycaprolactone's microspheres dissolve, and in their place there is an active growth of new native collagen and elastin fibers, which contributes to smoothing wrinkles, leveling the surface of the relief and general external rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body.

In the preparations of Ellanse animal or bacterial proteins are completely absent, which also plays an important role for people prone to allergic reactions. Another advantageous advantage of Ellanse is their prolonged presence in tissues with a noticeable external correction result from 1 to 4 years. Filler Supplies offer Ellanse dermal fillers to buy online at an affordable price. Please, enjoy professional support and fast shipping!

Types and possibilities of Ellanse in injection plastic

In contrast to the traditional classification, the Ellanse fillers are divided by the duration of the results lasting (the period of complete biodegradation of the active substance), i.e.:

At the same time, an important argument in favor of choosing Ellanse is the fact that the effectiveness will not decrease with each month, but will remain unchanged for the entire period of validity.

Thus, the main difference between the Ellanse products is that the polycaprolactone in them has different lengths of chains of polymer molecules, affecting the terms of their assimilation and splitting by the body and the duration of the neglected process of neocollagenesis (the formation of those new collagen fibers).

Among the main tasks, that the Ellanse fillers are capable of solving, we can outline the following:

  • Elimination of mimic wrinkles
  • Filling the folds in the nasolabial triangle and in the chin
  • Correction of the shape of the nose, ear lobes and auricle
  • Correction of contour deformities and facial contours
  • Replenishment of soft tissue deficiency
  • Smoothing scars.

Thanks to the injection of Ellanse fillers, natural rejuvenation of the skin occurs, as well as the production of natural collagen, giving the skin the necessary tension, velvety and pleasant smoothness of the surface for a really long time.