Manufacturer: Atnahs Pharma UK Ltd, Great Britain.

Form release: tablets 150mg/ 3mg/3ml solution for injections.

Life with pain is unbearable, especially if this is a pain in the joints: elbows and knees. A person cannot move normally, work, do sports, and enjoy activities. Once these problems appear, there are no other solutions except for surgery to replace the joint or part of a bone to get rid of it. However, there are medications, which can help to ease the pain. Bonviva is one of them. FillerSupplies also presents orthopedics products from Actemra, Monovisc, Euflexxa, Prolia, Synvisc, and other brands.


The active substance in the drug is ibandronic acid. It also contains sodium chloride – 8.6 mg, glacial acetic acid – 0.51 mg, sodium acetate trihydrate – 0.204 mg, water up to 1 ml.

The remedy is presented in two ways: tablets and solution for injections and belongs to the group of the inhibitor of bone resorption, bisphosphonate. At our website, you can buy Bonviva 150mg (tablets) and Bonviva 3 mg/3ml (for injections).

INDICATIONS FOR BONVIVA ORTHOPEDICS INJECTIONS: Postmenopausal osteoporosis to prevent fractures.



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