Liporase 1500 IU
Hyalase 1500IU (10 ampoules)

Hyaluronidase – a natural enzyme found in human bodies; its main task in cosmetic beauty is to break down hyaluronic acid if something goes wrong after dermal filler injections. This option is typically needed when a patient is unsatisfied with the treatment’s results and wants to get back their ordinary looks.

Hyaluronidase treatment makes it possible to dissolve HA under the skin faster, restore the natural appearance of one’s skin, and avoid numerous complications that the incorrect injection technique may cause during the procedure. If you need hyaluronidase, buy it now online at the most beneficial price; FillerSupplies is here to offer you everything required for your clinic!

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What Can Affect the Cost of Hyaluronidase for Patients?

Typically, the price for this treatment is defined based on a few key factors. Only a doctor can calculate the exact hyaluronidase cost, but the following aspects must be considered:

We highly recommend discussing all of these in advance to ensure the patient understands the procedure clearly and is ready for whatever comes next.

Who Is a Perfect Candidate for Hyaluronidase Injections?

If a person needs to reverse the effect of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler or reduce undesirable nodule formation, they will be a perfect candidate for this procedure. Remember, this product is forbidden for those who have experienced anaphylaxis to wasp or bee stings, those who have certain medications recommended (both over-the-counter and prescribed), or individuals with a history of allergic reactions related to any of the injectable’s components. To ensure this option is safe, discussing it with a doctor in advance is essential.

How Long Does It Take to Recover After the Treatment?

Overall, the recovery after the injection session is fast and non-problematic. Up to 10 days are required for all the irritations to disappear, as well as for the product to show its effectiveness. Among the most common adverse reactions are swelling, redness, bruising, itching, and other topical symptoms. To make a recovery faster, specialists recommend following certain aftercare tips, such as avoiding heavy exercising, places with excessive heat, etc. It is also better not to put pressure on the treated zone and stop taking medications with blood-thinning abilities for some time. It’s important to inform the doctor as soon as any warning symptoms or signs of severe allergies occur.