Mesotherapy Teosyal


Manufacturer: Teoxane Laboratories, Switzerland.

Form of release: syringe 2x1ml.

This filler contains a less bacterial endotoxin count and protein which makes it suitable for sensitive skins.

The drug for biorevitalization and mesotherapy based on non-reticular hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the first products of the Teosyal line of the Swiss laboratory TEOXANE. Biorevitalizant appeared in 2004. Unlike Meso Expert and PureSense Redensity cocktails, Teosyal Meso contains only pure hyaluronic acid without any complex of additional components.


Teosyal filler is used in courses to moisturize, increase skin turgor, and prevent age-related changes. The mesotherapeutic agent is available in the form of a gel in 1 ml syringes. The set includes 30G disposable needles. Composition of the drug: inorganic unstabilized HA with a density of 15 mg/ml, phosphate buffer.

The gel is introduced into the surface layer of the dermis, suitable for any type of skin. There are no age restrictions for biorevitalization. The procedure can be performed starting from the age of 18. The mesotherapy products are most effective for young skin – up to 30 years, older patients are recommended by Theosial Meso Expert or Redensity I.

Teosyal Meso for the prevention of aging

The main active ingredient of biorevitalizant is hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the ability to attract water, the polysaccharide moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin.

Not only dry, but also oily skin can be dehydrated: in the first case, a lack of moisture leads to peeling, and in the second to even greater oiliness. Mesotherapy will make the skin healthy and radiant, regardless of its type.

Meso Teosyal filler is the most delicate and flowing gel of all the products of the line. It is used to treat various areas: face, neck, hands, décolleté.

Highly refined HA is used in the production of Teosyal preparations; therefore, the gels do not cause allergic reactions, rejection, and are suitable for patients with sensitive skin.

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Indications for use of Teosyal dermal fillers:



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