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The Essence of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy agents for face and body today are one of the most productive methods of injecting a medicine by microdoses directly close to the problem area. The newest technologies allow injecting small but systematic doses of microelements and medicines into the skin, which helps to deal with various defects and diseases.

For today, Meso preparations for skin care of the face and body have reached a higher and qualitative level to order. That is why in FillerSupplies we offer only reliable, proven products from well-known manufacturers: to choose and buy comfortably medicines for mesotherapy. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular among women, as it has repeatedly proven its influence on the improvement of the skin condition. So we are responsible for professional shipment of mesotherapy agents keeping them inappropriate conditions. Thus, we encourage learning more about this kind of treatment, preconditions, primary and secondary goals as well as about specification of a particular agent, although we kindly remind that we provide a professional customer support service.

Goals and Advantages of Mesotherapy:

This procedure guarantees the maximum penetration of active substances, so its effect exceeds anything obtained by using other methods of introducing them. Generally, mesotherapy aims at the elimination of scarring or some other skin defects (including pigmentation after acne), fighting against cellulite, some forms of dermatitis and skin diseases of the head. It is also useful in the prevention of hair loss and stimulation of its further growth. Very likely mesotherapy is recommended in the case of recovery and healing of the skin after various plastic corrections.

In comparison with other cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy has a number of undoubted advantages:

Indications and Contraindications

Mesotherapy of the body is recommended for middle-aged and older patients with the following indications: cellulite (hydro lipodystrophy), excess weight, local fat aggregations (on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc.), excessive dryness of the skin, flabbiness of the skin of the body, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles on the skin, couperose, traumatic scars, skin pigmentation, stretch marks and post-effects on the abdomen after pregnancy, chest tightness, blood circulation disorder.

But still, mesotherapy is a medical procedure, so, it has some contraindications we need to admit:

In addition, it should be remembered that breast mesotherapy should be carried out only after consulting a mammalian doctor and obtaining his consent and recommendations.

The Procedure

The secret of young and healthy skin lies in the correct selection and technique of saturation with trace elements, amino acids, vitamins C, A and other substances necessary for the nutrition of any skin type. The right preparations for mesotherapy meet these requirements and the result is confirmed by repeated testing.

For example, mesococcasins physician-cosmetologist selects individually for each organism in order to prevent possible side effects and deviations. This is done in order to remove the likelihood of allergies, and in the future to provide a long and effective result.

Mesotherapy of face and body, thanks to small punctures from 2 to 9 mm allows you not to injure deeply the skin while starting the necessary recovery processes in the cells. Acting on the focus of inflammation, the drug helps the skin to restore its natural colour and smooth, even surface. Clinical trials have shown good compatibility with other cosmetic procedures for skin care of face and body. Giving almost instant results, mesotherapy is effective for a long time.

Mesotherapy of the body is carried out in the same way as mesotherapy of the face. The difference is mainly in the composition of so-called Meso cocktails. To fight cellulite special lipolytic cocktails are used, which eliminate stagnation of lymph, improving blood circulation, and also removing puffiness of the skin of the body in problem areas.

To return the skin to the body elasticity, the composition of Meso cocktails includes hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

To fight couperose, doctors use cocktails that help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

To improve the general condition of the skin of the body in the composition of Meso cocktails necessarily include various vitamins.

In every procedure of mesotherapy under the skin, the substances of the agent exert their therapeutic effect in a strictly defined area: they break down fatty deposits, stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, carry out lymphatic drainage, and improve blood supply.

Manual and Apparatus Mesotherapy

The injection can be done manually (using a syringe) or with apparatus (mesotherapy with a special injector). Manual mesotherapy of the body has the following advantages like more accurate work of the doctor allowing carrying out manipulations in particularly delicate areas, reducing the risk of injury and damage to small vessels of the skin.

On the other hand, the apparatus mesotherapy of the body has the following advantages: the ability to handle a larger area of the skin in less time, it is more effective for the treatment of body parts for the correction of cellulite and local fat deposits.

In general, the mesotherapy of the body is completely painless for the patient. Although during the procedure the patient may experience small painful sensations, as with any injection.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the procedure, mesotherapy of the body is a serious medical intervention. Therefore, this procedure requires strict adherence to certain rules: careful diagnosis, careful choice of preparations for a cocktail, professionalism during the procedure.

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