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Mesotherapy Juvederm


Manufacturer: Allergan, Ireland.

Form of release: 1ml.

This product by Allergan is designed to keep skins beauty on the neck, face and hands.

Allergan is a famous manufacturer of dermal fillers, but except this, it also produces perfect mesotherapy products: Juvederm Hydrate 1ml. Juvederm biorevitalization gives a quick effect on skin rejuvenation and lifting.


Juvederm fillers contain a record high concentration of hyaluronic acid. For this reason, specialists use them in situations where it is necessary to achieve a pronounced effect.

The essence of biorevitalization is the intradermal administration of hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of Juvederm mesotherapy products. With age, the deposit of this substance in tissues progressively decreases. This leads to a decrease in skin hydration, loss of skin tone, and the appearance of wrinkles. Juvederm biorevitalization not only allows you to quickly restore the deficiency of hyaluronic acid, but also helps to stimulate neocollagenesis – the production of new, dense, and elastic collagen molecules by fibroblasts.

Most often, the use of the drug Juvederm Hydrate is recommended in the presence of age-related changes in the skin of the face and neck. But biorevitalization can be carried out for fairly young patients if they have any indications.

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The basis for this procedure may be:


Juvederm Hydrate Biorevitalizant contains 2 main components:

They complement the action of each other, which allows you to achieve the desired anti-aging effect with a minimum of side effects. The drug has a gel-like structure, hypoallergenic, and does not cause irritation.

The hyaluronic acid molecules in Juvederm Hydrate have a large molecular weight – about 2500 kilodaltons. Therefore, they are stored for a long time in the skin, increasing the degree of hydration, and stimulating the functioning of fibrocytes. A sufficiently high concentration of hyaluronic acid (13.5 mg/ml) further increases the effectiveness of Juvederm biorevitalization.

Mannitol is the second active ingredient in this drug, an osmotic diuretic. It slows down the release of hyaluronic acid molecules, thereby prolonging the duration of the effect of the procedure. Mannitol also protects tissues from the action of free radicals, accelerates the regeneration processes, and promotes the rapid removal of puffiness.

Thanks to all these features of the drug, stabbing Juvederm Hydrate with a supportive purpose can be much less common than other means of similar action. The treatment course is also short. The first results from Juvederm biorevitalization in most patients are already visible in the first days. In addition, the recovery period is mild, and the effects of injections (papules, edema, redness, traces of injections) pass quickly and without a trace.

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