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Belotero Intense 1ml
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Hyaluronic fillers and biorevitalizants Belotero, products of the German concern “Merz Aestetic”, have recommended themselves in the beauty industry as “smart gels”. For about 10 years, these products have enabled cosmetologists all over the world to enjoy rejuvenated beautiful skin, natural results of correction with a minimum of side effects.

How to buy Belotero online in

You can buy Belotero online in one of the following ways:

In FS online store every customer can buy dermal fillers Belotero as retail as well as wholesale. Our store offers discounts for those who buy in big quantities. Wholesale prices You can check by visiting the product page

What is the secret of Belotero gels and revitalizants?

Belotero products almost do not differ from similar ones regarding the basis of an agent: the active component is purified non-animal hyaluronic acid and phosphate buffer to maintain the normal acid-base balance of the dermis.

The whole thing is about formula and the number of stages of production.

Belotero monophasic biocorrectors are manufactured using a specially developed CPM technology – a cohesive polyamide matrix. This method makes it possible to obtain a substance with areas of high and low density, due to which gels provide a long-term result and at the same time are easily injected, have a well-predicted effect. Unlike fillers of previous generations, which pass through 3 degrees of cross-linking, the medicines of Merz are made in 5 stages. The safety of gels is evidenced by the FDA certification.

Thus, those two additional innovative stages allow to create a long-lasting effect of fillers, and the procedure becomes less painful. We offer good price for Belotero dermal fillers to buy them online. Filler Supplies provides professional shipping and kind support as well.

Belotero product line: from biorevitalization to restoration of facial contours

Beauty injections from the Merz concern are able to perform various functions. Assortment contains a light biorevitalizant, fillers for the correction of wrinkles of varying severity, gels to compensate for the lack of soft tissues:

Duration of Belotero fillers effect is from 9 to 18 months. All the gels of the line are allowed to be combined with each other, as well as with other injectable products based on hyaluronic acid.

Despite the complex production process, fillers and biorevitalizant, as well as products of any manufacturer, can have side-effects in the form of redness, hematoma, and mild swelling. Unwanted effects disappear within 2-3 days.

Of course, to get the desired effect and prevent complications, the procedure should be performed by a doctor with special education who has a certificate and experience with Belotero brand. It is also extremely important to refuse injections in the presence of contraindications and follow the recommendations of the doctor after the injections.