Synvisc One 6ml
Synvisc G-F-20 (3x2ml)

Take Care of Your Knees – Buy Synvisc!

To buy Synvisc and forget about pain? Myth? Reality!

Every 3rd person complains of knee pain. In most cases, the reason for that pain is a lack of synovial fluid (intra-articular fluid required for knee mobility). The Synvisc injection is a type of treatment, that replaces damaged fluid with a natural substance that is similar to the human intra-articular fluid.

This drug is very effective in the following cases:

It restores the viscosity of biological tissue, which partially helps to improve the condition of the joint affected by osteoarthritis.

Who Can’t Get Synvisc Injections?

The patient should be carefully examined before the Synvisc injection. People who refer to the following groups cannot get orthopaedics injections:

What to Do after Synvisc Injection?

After the orthopaedics products procedure, the patient needs rest. The joint should be in a state of calm for about 24 hours. Also, in order to avoid swelling, for several hours, the injection site should be cooled. The patient should avoid pressure on the joint for about two days after Synvisc One or other treatments. If you follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations, do not make pressure on the knee, then in just a few days, you will be able to return to your former life.

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