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FillerSupplies only sells goods to individuals with a proper education; if you are a board-certified professional, there should be no problems ordering Revolax and using it in your practice. However, we won’t process your order if you don’t have a valid medical license.

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How Much Does Revolax Filler Cost?

FillerSupplies offers the most advantageous prices online. 

Product name Price
Revolax Deep with Lidocaine $ 59
Revolax Fine with Lidocaine $ 59
Revolax SUB-Q with Lidocaine $ 59

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Primary Details About the Revolax Brand

Revolax dermal filler is available in three variations, each of those can be purchased at FillerSupplies in a few fast clicks. Choose your injectable according to your preferences:

Manufacturer and Composition

The manufacturer of Revolax fillers is ACROSS (Korea), and many years of expertise allowed it to create a perfect formula for the preparation and make it one of the leaders on the aesthetic market.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid picked for this brand’s composition has the excellent quality, so various results can be achieved with its help. From treating fine lines and moisturizing skin to augmenting facial contours – anything is possible with Revolax!

Target Areas for the Treatment

Each injectable dermal filler from the Revolax range can be used for numerous cosmetic purposes. Typically, specialists buy it wholesale for these aesthetic goals:

Dosage and the number of syringes for the injection session are calculated based on the patient’s skin condition, the initial goal for the procedure, the type of Revolax picked for the session and some other essential factors. Please plan the process responsibly and ensure the one performing it is skilled and experienced so they can handle the process without the risks of severe adverse reactions afterward.

Safety Information

All the ingredients of Revolax for skin rejuvenation are safe and biocompatible, meaning they cooperate with the body perfectly. Still, certain limitations must always be considered to provide a secure experience in the clinic. Individuals with the following conditions should restrain from trying Revolax to eliminate wrinkles:

Please remember that there are separate rules for pregnant or breastfeeding patients. Women should talk to a specialist, as it’s unknown whether Revolax can harm a mother-to-be or a baby. Most doctors recommend waiting till the nursing period is finished before trying dermal fillers or Botox.

Side Effects

All dermal fillers can cause side effects, as the procedure involves infusing an unknown substance into the body. It needs time to understand that the gel is safe and won’t hurt, so certain adverse reactions can occur during the adjustment. Warn your patients about these common symptoms:

These are most likely to develop, and a few days are usually enough for the discomfort to disappear. Of course, chances are people can experience something worse than average side effects. If they notice signs of severe allergies, breathing problems, painful sensations in the treated spot, swelling in the throat and tongue, vision impairments, and other dangers, a medical professional must be warned about them immediately to assist. Even though the chances of those are low, there is still a minimal risk, so it’s better to be extra cautious.

Benefits of the Revolax Filler

It’s not a coincidence that specialists buy Revolax online at FillerSupplies regularly. Its high quality and effectiveness have brought it to the top, meaning people have an enormous trust in this brand.