Toxin types A are used in medicine to treat diseases characterized by overactive muscle syndrome and other muscle spasms.

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About Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxins are among the most popular methods of effective and quick skin aging prevention and general perfection of one’s appearance. The best thing about them is that the unique composition allows treating not only certain imperfections when it comes to looks but also dealing with numerous muscle spasm problems in the medical sphere. You may buy Xeomin along with other famous solutions with botulinum toxin type A in the composition at FillerSupplies.

What Is Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Originally, botulinum toxin derives from the poisonous bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which can cause such a dangerous disease as botulism. However, we would like to calm you down from the beginning of the description and inform you that the dosage of this component in the injectable is so small that it cannot lead to botulism or any other dangerous health condition in an individual. Overall, there are 9 types of these toxins (A, B, C, etc.), and the further it goes, the bigger the concentration of this component. In medicine and cosmetology, specialists mainly use type A and type B. Medical professionals use different injectables with this component in their practice and choose the most suitable one based on a patient’s needs.

Botulinum Toxin. Buy to Treat Neurological and Cosmetic Issues

As the main purpose of any Botox treatment is to deal with muscle spasms, it can be quite effective in both aesthetic and medical fields. You can buy botulinum toxin type A if you are a licensed professional who performs treatments for people in a clinic; however, it is impossible to buy them to use at home for rejuvenation purposes.

Usage in Medicine

After calculating the recommended dose, a doctor can plan the treatment; so botulinum toxins are suitable for the following health issues:

  • Cervical dystonia;

  • Urinary incontinence;

  • Chronic migraine;

  • Neck pain;

  • Excessive sweating;

  • Upper and lower limb spasticity in children;

  • Etc.

Please mind that it is crucial to be careful if a patient suffers from lesions of peripheral motor neurons (for example, those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or motor neuropathy).

Usage in the Cosmetic Beauty Sphere

Except for the botulinum toxin type A in the composition, such excipients as human albumin and sodium chloride may also be added to the injectable’s composition to provide a better rejuvenating effect. Mainly, it is used for the following cosmetic purposes:

  • Aging signs prevention in the upper and mid-face area (frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and so on);

  • Slight imperfection corrections (gummy smile, facial asymmetry, etc.).

The injection lasts for up to six months, and a doctor needs to repeat the procedure for effect not to wear off. In case there is a need to switch botulinum toxin products, it is essential to wait for the previous one to stop working before administering a new one; otherwise, such issues as excessive neuromuscular weakness may occur, which is quite unpleasant to deal with.

Safety Rules

When you buy Botox online to use it in your clinic, you need to not forget about some basic rules when it comes to the clients’ safety. Among all of those is a consultation where all the main side effects and contraindications can be discussed; just after that, it is possible to ask patients to choose whether they are ready to use botulinum toxins for their appearance.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Even though any adverse reaction should be gone in a few days after the administration session, it is still better to be careful and pay attention to any unusual symptoms. In this way, it will be easier to avoid rare post-treatment complications. Among the most common negative body reactions are these signs:

  • Individual injection spot reactions (redness, itching, swelling, etc.);

  • Increased sensitivity of the skin in the treated spot (and sometimes around it);

  • Headache, weakness, dizziness;

  • And so on.

Among the severe side effects, we would like to point out severe allergic reactions and prolonged feelings of discomfort. It’s highly recommended to get in touch with a doctor if symptoms such as blurred vision, trouble breathing, swollen tongue, excruciating pain, and other dangerous signs.

Limitations for the Solution

Individuals cannot choose botulinum toxins if they suffer from at least one of the following issues:

  • High sensitivity to components of the agent;

  • Oncological processes;

  • Acute viral disease;

  • Hemophilia;

  • Pregnancy, lactation period in women;

  • Pathology of the nervous system;

  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies;

  • Diseases of muscles.

It is forbidden to use botulinum toxins combined with spectinomycin, aminoglycaside, and other drugs, preventing neuromuscular transmission.