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ALIDYA 340mg


ALIDYA is advanced preparation, the only substance in the world (of all the products helping to prevent the emergence of fat deposits in the early stages) that has passed official registration, so to buy Alidya online is not problematic at all.

Owing to the unique composition, the ALIDYA product ensures the launch of special mechanisms in the tissues that remove toxins and hold back cellulite. Regular and reasonable use of the product leads to improved lymphatic drainage, which in its turn improves the skin structure and maintains this effect for a long time. When you buy Alidya wholesale, the Alidya price is not a stiff price to pay.

In practice, Alidya can be used absolutely on any area of ​​the body that is prone to the formation of cellulite. Traditionally, such areas include:

The most impressive results are obtained by patients who are at an early stage of the disease progression. There are no restrictions for its use as far as age indicator is concerned because this unpleasant “orange-peel” skin can appear both at an early age and later. Most often, it makes itself felt in case of sharp hormonal fluctuations (during pregnancy, lactation or menopause).

Peculiarities of the Procedure

The introduction of the preparation under the skin layer is implemented by means of injections. The depth of the injection must be 4-6 mm. A thin needle is used to avoid the occurrence of painful sensations and prevent the irrational use of the preparation. There is no pain during the procedure.

Cream with an anesthetic agent can be applied in the most sensitive areas. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a specialist. They will take anamnesis by asking the patient questions. Then they will give recommendations regarding the use of the preparation and detect contraindications and restrictions. Only after that, you can proceed directly to the procedure.

The duration of all procedures depends on the degree of intensity of the intervention and the range of the problems with cellulite. Traditionally, one procedure takes 20-30 minutes. Doctors recommend taking a course in 7-12 sessions. The interval between them should be 7 days (one week). This information is general because the final number of procedures that a patient needs is determined by a specialist on a case-by-case basis.

To identify this parameter it is necessary to take into account the client’s personal wishes and the extent to which the illness has spread throughout the body. To achieve the longest effect possible, it is necessary to undertake supporting measures for 30 days after the course. The treatment requires regular courses, for example, one course a year. This is necessary in order to ensure and maintain the stability of the result.

Why You Should Buy ALIDYA Online

The procedures performed with Alidya have the following advantages:

What to Do After the ALIDYA Procedure

On the area that has been treated, there may be slight redness. The use of cosmetics is not recommended for 12 hours after the session (we are talking about the area that was treated). Physical exercises and visits to the bathhouse are also prohibited for 2-3 days.

For the maximum effect, you may also try other dermal fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane).