Yvoire Classic S 1ml

Contour Plasty with YVOIRE Fillers

The products of this line were developed by a specialized cosmetology department called “Life Science” of the GMT Clinic. This centre can boast of an impressive set of advantages:

Why Buy YVOIRE Online

This line is used to correct defects formed on the face and body. It includes high-quality injection gels, the main component of which is fifth-generation hyaluronic acid.

Eye contour plastic with YVOIRE products is relevant and reasonable when it is necessary to eliminate the following cosmetic defects:

This group of preparations is widely used for plastic procedures on the hands, in the intimate zone, non-surgical correction of the shape of the nose.

Varieties of Product Lines and YVOIRE Price

At present three types of products with different viscosity are produced. Each of them works at a certain level and contributes to the achievement of maximum effect.

All the fillers actively affect problem areas and are removed from the body in a natural way. The YVOIRE price in our store is, on average, $ 70 (for 1 ml) depending on the number of packages you buy.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

At the first stage, specialists collect anamnesis by interviewing the patient. They identify areas for correction, select the preparation and detect the presence of contraindications. If there are no contraindications, they proceed to the procedure.

What to Do After the Correction

During the first day washing and the use of any cosmetic products are not allowed. During the first two weeks, it is important to prevent mechanical damage, sun exposure, to give up sports and visiting bathhouses. During 2-4 months physiotherapy procedures should be excluded.


In any case, you should first have a personal consultation with a specialist.

For the maximum effect, you may also try other dermal fillers (e.g. JuvedermRadiesseRestylane).

If you do come to a determination to buy YVOIRE online, contact us.

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