8 Fascinating Facts About Botox That You’ve NEVER Heard Before

8 Fascinating Facts About Botox That You’ve NEVER Heard Before

In cosmetology, Botulinum toxin component is used to temporarily smooth and prevent facial wrinkles and fine expression lines. Since Botox injections successfully demonstrated their high safety and fast effect, this procedure has become one of the most widely used cosmetic therapies.

During the last 27 years, since it was approved by the FDA in 2002, cosmetic Botox has got through millions of tests that made its application more accessible and high-quality.

Botox benefits keep on scoring more points that give new possibilities to both health professionals and patients.

There are a couple of facts about Botox that you might find quite surprising or even shocking. Keep reading to find them out!

8 Facts About Botox That Can Be New To You

  1. Besides facial skin rejuvenation, it is used for hair treatment.
    Actually, there are two kinds of Botox treatment for hair.
    The first one includes Botox for hair products. But the thing is that the list of their ingredients does not include Botox at all. Instead, to provide the healthful effect, there are used special fillers for hair, such as keratin or collagen etc.

    The second one involves injecting Botox into scalp. However, this procedure has not yet been officially approved by the FDA.

  2. It helps cope with depression
    The growing number of studies has approved that injecting Botox can, in some way, relieve the symptoms of depression. The researchers explain such an effect in the following way: botox relaxes frown-line nerve that gives the brain a signal to be sad, when strained. Eventually, the ability to frown becomes blocked for some time.
  3. Doctors use Botox for migraines.
    Nearly ten years ago, Botox was approved for easing migraine headaches. The results of numerous studies confirmed that two botox therapies can reduce headaches by around 50%. The treatment course includes injecting Botulinum toxin in certain areas of the head and neck, and takes approximately 10-12 weeks.
  4. It can have side effects.
    Botox works in the way that leads to muscle paralyzing in the injected facial areas. Sometimes, when applied not correctly or overdosed, it may cause bad swallowing or breathing, or even speaking. In rare cases, patients get eyelid drooping that normally lasts no more than three weeks. Although, the professional Botox therapy reduces such risks to a minimum.
  5. It cannot affect wrinkles that appeared from sun damage.
    As far as skin damage caused by sun is external, it cannot be treated with Botox. In such cases, dermatologists apply other ways of skin care including injections with dermal fillers, laser skin regeneration, dermabrasion etc.
  6. It is used to reduce sweating.
    When dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), regular antiperspirants are helpless. The proven way to reduce armpit wetness in this case is getting Botox treatment. How does this work? Sweating is the way that the body uses to cool itself when its temperature rises. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis have this function overactive. To prevent it, Botox blocks the nerves that are responsible for stimulating sweat glands. Currently, Botox is licensed to be applied for underarm sweating, still some doctors use it off-label for palms of hands, soles of feet, forehead and other areas.
  7. Botox for women, Brotox for men.
    The amount of males applying to Botox procedures is increasing extremely fast. The research revealed that since 2000 the number of such men more than tripled. Such growing popularity of Botox for men even gained it a new marketed name “Brotox”.
    Under the spell of global aspiration to get better appearance, men try not to be left behind. The main reasons making males get Brotox are similar to ones that women are guided by: the desire to look better, self-esteem improvement, or some health problems.
  8. It is possible to buy Botox online
    There is a bunch of pharmaceutical companies offering to buy Botox wholesale along with Botox filler supplies on their websites or on their official resellers’ online shops. You can get Botox 100 units per package which is the recommended dose for one injection. Nonetheless, before buying this preparation on the internet, be sure to study your country law for the purchase to be legal.

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