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Dr. Kimberland Ternes

Dr. Kimberland Ternes

Kimberland Ternes

Specialty: Cosmetologist

Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Work experience: 2 years

Hello, everyone! I am Kimberland, a cosmetologist in Janesville, WI. Day by day, I receive dozens of patients with skin problems or after unsuccessful beauty procedures. If you just know how many of these could be avoided if people knew simple things about skin, skincare, and modern procedures. Unfortunately, patients are unsatisfied with the results of cosmetic injections or other therapies due to the unrealistic expectations, which they formed due to the lack of knowledge or fake information they have found in the dubious sources. I realized my vocation was to explain to the patients about skincare (home & professional) and facial rejuvenation (Botox, dermal fillers, mesotherapy injections) so that they could have a more comprehensive understanding of cosmetology and their skin anatomy to avoid common mistakes that can cost them lots of time and money, and what is even worse, condition of their skin.

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