How Long Does Xeomin Last?

how long does xeomin last

Contemporary aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of dermatological treatments based on botulinum toxin. They include Azzalure, Bocouture, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and many more. In this article, we are going to go through the general information on Xeomin. What is it? And how long does it last? Let us find the answers to these questions together by checking out the below-mentioned text.

So, how about starting our journey across the world of aesthetic medicine right away?

Only a certified healthcare provider (for instance, a dermatologist, a cosmetologist, or a plastic surgeon) is eligible to buy Xeomin online. The main reason for it is that botulinum toxin solutions are intended exclusively for professional use.

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What Is Xeomin?

Let us delve into the world of Xeomin by means of going through the information on its definition, manufacturer, composition, indications, contraindications, side effects, and expected results.


Xeomin is a brand that produces injectable musle relaxants used to address various health and aesthetic concerns. While being safe, effective, and long-lasting, it has already won the hearts of thousands of healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.


The manufacturer of Xeomin is Merz Aesthetics. It is a global pharmaceutical corporation with headquarters in Germany. The greatest benefit of Merz Aesthetics is the combination of experience and innovation employed in the manufacturing process.

Two other treatments produced by Merz Aesthetics are Belotero (hyaluronic acid fillers) and Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite fillers). They both are the skincare solutions with numerous benefits used to effectively address a wide range of age-related cosmetic concerns.


The composition of Xeomin is based on pure botulinum toxin. Unlike a vast majority of other botulinum toxin products, Xeomin does not include any additional binding proteins. Therefore, it is oftentimes referred to as the so-called “naked” form of the toxin of botulinum.

While being a naturally-occurring substance produced by the bacterium of Clostridium botulinum, botulinum toxin functions as a powerful muscle relaxant that effectively blocks the nerves attached to muscles around the injection site.

The composition of Xeomin does not include lidocaine hydrochloride. However, a healthcare provider might apply a topical numbing cream or any other anesthetic to the skin around the targeted muscles shortly before the injection to ensure a patient with the maximum comfort during the procedure.


Xeomin might be injected into a patient’s body for a wide range of medical and cosmetic indications related to muscle contraction. More precisely, the product might be used to take care of the following health and aesthetic issues:

  • Health issues: chronic migraine, excessive sweating, lazy eye, neck pain, overactive bladder, and other problems caused by overactive muscle movements;
  • Aesthetic issues: dynamic wrinkles (including crow’s feet, forehead lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, smile lines, wrinkles between the eyebrows, and other wrinkles caused by overactive movements of facial muscles).

In other words, Xeomin effectively takes care of muscle contraction and, therefore, minimizes a great number of health issues. Also, the treatment helps prevent wrinkles caused by overactive facial expressions and thus improves a patient’s skin health.


Despite the fact that Xeomin is suitable for patients of different ages and skin types, there exist several contraindications to its administration. Namely, Xeomin treatment session should not be performed if a patient has any of the following limitations:

  • An allergy to the toxin of botulinum;
  • An ongoing skin inflammation around the intended treatment area;
  • A serious chronic disease (such as poor blood clotting).

It is also essential to notice that Xeomin should not be administered if a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. A healthcare provider should take all these contraindications into account during the initial consultation with a patient.

Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, injections of Xeomin relax muscles without causing any adverse reactions. However, a patient might notice temporary skin irritation (including redness, itching, and swelling) or painful sensations around the injection site. They usually fade away in two to five days after the treatment.

Expected Results

Xeomin treatment results strongly depend on the individual peculiarities of a patient. In most cases, however, they begin to develop in a couple of days after the injection. As well, it is essential to mention that cosmetic results of the product are exceptionally natural-looking and attractively subtle.

How Long Do Xeomin Results Last?

So, what is the average duration of Xeomin? How long does it last under certain circumstances? And what are the ways to prolong them? Let us figure it out together!

Average Duration of Xeomin Results

No matter whether Xeomin has been used to address health issues related to muscle contraction or to reduce signs of aging connected with overactive facial mimics, it tends to provide a patient with non-permanent but nevertheless long-lasting results. On average, they last about six months unless prolonged by periodical touch-up injections.

When used to reduce signs of aging and rejuvenate the appearance of a patient’s skin, Xeomin treatment might be regarded as a minimally-invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Still, it is essential to remember that it cannot provide a patient with permanent results.
Xeomin Results

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Factors Influencing Xeomin Results

The effectiveness of Xeomin strongly varies from one patient to another. Among the main factors that influence Xeomin treatment longevity are:

  • The nature of the indications that have been addressed by Xeomin. For instance, it is a well-known fact that Xeomin softens lines caused by overactive facial movements. The intensity of these lines has an impact on the duration of the product’s results. The deeper the wrinkles treated by Xeomin are, the shorter its results would be;
  • The individual peculiarities of a patient. More precisely, the current age, health condition, and skin type of a patient are the factors that determine how long would the results of Xeomin last in each particular situation. For example, patients with strong immune systems might show greater resistance to the product and, therefore, enjoy the results of the treatment for a shorter time period;
  • The number of Xeomin injections a patient has already undergone. Due to the fact that Xeomin is an injectable treatment with a cumulative effect, longetivity of its results is determined by the number of treatments a patient has already undergone. The more injections have been performed before, the longer the results of the latest one would last.

The combination of the above-mentioned factors determines an approximate duration of Xeomin treatment in each particular situation. Thus, take them into account when defining what to expect from the injection in your individual case.

Ways to Prolong Xeomin Results

In order to accelerate the recovery process and prolong Xeomin results, a patient should adhere to certain after-treatment recommendations given to him by a healthcare provider. They include:

  • Avoid rubbing, pushing, and pulling the skin around the injection site;
  • Do not wear makeup or apply aggressive skincare products to the treated area for at least a couple of days after the injection;
  • Stay away from direct sunlight and use a sunscreen cream around the injection site;
  • Do not take any blood-thinning medications or supplements for the first forty-eight hours after the treatment;
  • Evade overactive facial mimics.

By means of following these recommendations, a patient will be able to help his muscles relax for a longer time period and, therefore, enjoy the greater longevity of Xeomin results.

A Bottom Line

To sum up, Xeomin is an injectable muscle relaxant with numerous benefits. The great longevity of its results has made it to be one of the most popular minimally-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery. So, how about scheduling an appointment with your healthcare provider right away and getting rid of crow’s feet, forehead lines, creases between the eyebrows, and other dynamic wrinkles for a substantial time period?

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