How Long Does Juvederm in Lips Last?

how long does juvederm in lips last

Full and juicy lips have always been among the essential beauty standards everyone wanted to achieve. From plumping lips while doing makeup to going through plastic surgeries for more permanent effects, – the ways of getting to this goal vary from person to person, and it’s pretty common to be open about it and discuss the topic freely.

So, today we decided to dedicate an article to one of the most trendy solutions for lip augmentation – Juvéderm lip fillers. These are multifunctional and used for numerous aesthetic purposes, but let’s concentrate on this brand’s benefits in the perioral region. Sometimes a good article is all you need to find motivation and try things you’ve always been curious about. Maybe, finding this blog post is not a coincidence?

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Peculiarities of Juvederm for Lips

When it comes to lip injections, Juvederm hyaluronic acid gel is definitely among the first ones that pop into mind. The composition of this solution guarantees flawless results without any risks; as a bonus, lidocaine is included in many Juvederm variations, so its administration is painless and stressless, which is beneficial for anxious patients who, for example, are afraid of needles. Below, we will cover some of the most common questions asked in the doctor’s office before the procedure; it’s always better to be prepared!

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Juvederm Fillers Suitable for Lips

Lip fillers from the Juvederm range are available with various HA concentrations, volumes, and intensities; that’s one of the main reasons this product is among the top ones for skin rejuvenation. So, it’s important to select different options to fill in, for instance, finer lines, vertical lip lines, or adding volume to hollow facial zones. The same with a lip filler; according to a patient’s needs, the best injectable is picked.

Juvederm Ultra Smile, juvéderm Vollure, and Juvederm Volbella are believed to be the best to enhance lower and upper lips and correct their shape slightly. On top of that, this brand has excellent moisturizing qualities due to its high hyaluronic acid concentration, so it’s perfect for individuals with dry skin and dehydrated lips. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Ultra XC are other well-performing solutions for lip shaping and contouring; however, it’s mainly used for deeper creases like nasolabial folds and marionette lines to add more volume to sunken areas.

How Can Juvederm Enhance Lips?

Juvederm’s main task is to make lips look more prominent and juicer, and this effect is easily achieved thanks to hyaluronic acid. The procedure is performed with the help of an ultra-thin needle after the target region is cleaned and disinfected; the gel is introduced into the lip tissues in small portions to the previously defined zones. Afterward, a specialist may massage the area to spread the product evenly and make the results look symmetrical. As a final step, aftercare instructions are given to the individual so they know all the nuances of the post-Juvederm recovery (this one is underestimated often, but the truth is, the way you take care of your lips at home is vital for a positive lip filler experience).juvederm lips injection

Another important thing to keep in mind is the presence of adverse reactions after the injection session. The results may not look that prominent right after the appointment because of swelling and bruising in the treated area, but they will change drastically after all irritations fade away completely.

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Is Juvederm for Lips Safe for Me?

Juvederm dermal fillers are totally safe and can be used for patients with different aesthetic needs. However, some limitations must be considered before the treatment to guarantee its safety and success in general. Patients with skin damage or irritation, known allergies to Juvederm’s components, flu-like symptoms, and other general warnings. In addition, a pre-treatment checkup must be conducted to ensure no individual contraindications can make the procedure potentially dangerous. If this brand is not the right option for an individual, an alternative should be picked for the injection session; it can be the filler with other active ingredients, botulinum toxin, or another cosmetic treatment.

More About Durability

Juvederm durability varies based on the HA concentration; on average, it works from six months to a couple of years. The best way to support the effect is to repeat treatments regularly (once every six-eight months is recommended). The improvement is typically visible almost immediately, as lip fillers work instantly, even though some topical reactions require time to disappear entirely.

As for longevity, some additional factors may influence how long lip fillers last after the appointment:

  • The type of Juvederm chosen for the procedure;
  • Health and body peculiarities in most patients;
  • The number of lip injections performed in the past;
  • Administration technique used by a medical professional.

Juvederm guarantees natural-looking results and fuller lips, and the effect last quite long, so the main thing patients should do is find an experienced expert to perform the treatment. The outcomes will be rather impressive if all the rules are followed properly.

Side Effects and Risks

Juvederm for lips and wrinkles is a safe option for appearance improvement and skin statement boost; still, adverse reactions should be considered before the treatment to ensure a patient is aware of all the risks, as well as particular ways to take care of their skin during the recovery journey.

Specialists typically warn people about local irritations in the treated zone, increased sensitivity in the target spot, headache, and dizziness. A doctor must be informed straight away if filler migration signs are noticed; it’s also better to contact them if allergic reactions are seen (trouble breathing, swollen throat, loss of consciousness, and so on). However, the chances of developing these symptoms are miserable, as hyaluronic acid-based Juvederm is one of the safest lip-enhancing solutions known to the aesthetic cosmetic sphere.

How Long Does Juvederm Last in Other Areas?

As it was already mentioned, Juvederm is a unique injectable perfect for people with various goals and beauty requests. It can be used for much more than just lip enhancement, so let’s look closely at its durability in other suitable treatment regions:

  • Mouth corners. Juvederm is an excellent option to treat marionette lines and smile lines, as well as smooth out other mimic wrinkles. As with most cosmetic injectables that contain hyaluronic acid, the effect here lasts up to a year if the touch-up treatment is performed every six months;
  • Chin. Chin augmentation is a procedure meant mainly for facial contour enhancement and its definition. The effect here lasts 12 to 15 months and can be easily supported with maintenance procedures. This way, people may achieve more prominent looks and well-defined features;
  • Cheeks. Juvederm for cheeks may be used for two purposes – to restore lost volume and boost contours in the cheekbones. On average, the results last a little longer than a year and guarantee prominent, natural-looking improvement;
  • Nose. Once again, there are two ways to use Juvederm for the nose region. Some people may benefit from it by adding definition to the nose bridge, and others may want to fill in nasolabial folds and erase tired expressions from their faces.

Juvederm is an excellent dermal filler suitable for various purposes; the main thing to remember is to discuss all the goals with a specialist and create a treatment plan specifically for one’s needs.

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The Bottom Line: How Long Does Juvederm Last in Lips?

Judederm for lips is a long-lasting solution able to provide an effect that lasts from six months up to a year. The best thing about this injectable is the hyaluronic acid used in its composition; with its help, a safe and painless procedure may be guaranteed. To find the suitable Juvederm variation and dose, it’s essential to visit a doctor’s office and discuss all the goals with them; only after that may the session begin. And on this note, today’s article is over. Thank you for visiting the blog and reading it!

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