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Anita Palmieri

Anita Palmieri

Anita Palmieri

Specialty: Future doctor

Education: Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Work experience: student

Medicine is my passion. And medicine that makes people more beautiful is the next level. That is why I am studying surgery at Emony University, Atlanta, GA, hoping to start my practice as a plastic surgeon in the next 2 years. Now, I am busy studying everything linked to medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetology, injectable cosmetology, and health in general. Doing my research on the Internet, I have come across the situation that online space is full of outright nonsense that sometimes is simply ridiculous and, in other cases, can be harmful. I’ve decided to make my personal contribution and write texts about health, beauty, surgery, and aesthetic medicine based on my medical education, professional knowledge, and experience I get during practices in the clinics and my communication with doctors. I will be glad if my writing saves someone from rash decisions and makes people take their health and everything they do to it more deliberate.