Mesotherapy is Your Ticket to Staying Youthful

Mesotherapy is Your Ticket To Staying Youthful

Healthy, glowing, young-looking skin – this is a dream of every person worldwide. Of course, the aging process is unavoidable for anyone out there, and we surely understand that. But there is still a silver lining – unfortunate skin imperfections may be eliminated or prevented with the help of one simple procedure – mesotherapy!

With its help, it is possible to deal with aesthetic problems – starting from sagging skin, ending with preventing baldness. In case you are among those who have no idea how exactly mesotherapy can be used for appearance boost, do not worry – our team is here to explain everything in the slightest detail. Keep reading and learn more about aesthetic medicine with Filler Supplies!

How exactly can mesotherapy cosmetic treatments be beneficial?

A lot of individuals tend to think that mesotherapy is only about facial rejuvenation. And, partially, that’s true. It can be used for facial treatment and wrinkles elimination. However, that’s not the only way to use this outstanding procedure for your own benefit! Let us tell you more about all possible effective treatments that can be performed with the help of mesotherapy and meso cocktails rich in beneficial ingredients.

Facial contouring

Facial contouring is a more specific procedure included in fat reduction. With its help, it is possible to make some facial features more defined and provide a patient with a more youthful appearance. Not to mention that it is a non-surgical type of treatment, so there won’t be any prolonged downtime combined with painful recovery afterward. By eliminating fat cells, it is possible to augment cheekbones, make the nose bridge slimmer and more petite, and make eyes more defined as well. Regardless of your goals, you may expect natural-looking results and glowing skin after the injections.

Skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is a treatment that can deal with various issues that affect ones’ looks – acne scarring, uneven skin tone, pigmentation on the facial (and not only facial) area, fine lines and wrinkles, and so on. Thanks to the unique formula of every meso cocktail, it is possible to create the injection perfect for every patient individually. Add vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and other hydration and beneficial elements – the main purpose here is to achieve the maximum result. As followed, a person can get smoother skin, better skin texture, improved blood circulation, much better HA and collagen production in the body, and other crucial positive aspects.

Fat reduction

Here, we would like to clear out one thing – mesotherapy cannot be used as an analog to liposuction. It is only a supportive therapy for those who try to lose weight with the help of exercising and a healthy diet (or those who do not have a high percentage of body fat). The solution used in treatment is injected in the middle layer of the dermis, which causes a chemical reaction that emulsifies fat cells membrane and, as followed, fat disappears naturally. Mesotherapy injections can be performed in such targeted areas as jowls and double chin, the abdomen, hips, arms, back, etc.

Skin plumping

As it was already mentioned, aesthetic treatments are often meant for solving the problems caused by the decrease in natural collagen and elastin production. It is one of the first signs of aging that can cause hollowing, unevenness of the face, deflation, and even skin sagging. With mesotherapy treatments, it is possible to restore firmness and elasticity of the dermis, fill in fine lines and creases, renew volume in the under-eye area, and provide a person with a youthful glow overall. A special solution is administered into the middle layer of the skin; in this way, the results become visible sooner and last longer.

Hair loss treatment

Skin conditions improvement is not the only benefit you may get from the mesotherapy cosmetic procedure. Alopecia (or, in simple words, hair loss) is an issue a lot of people do not know how to deal with. During the procedure, special cocktails that include plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial components are used for hair strengthening. Not only that, but patients also can improve blood circulation and correct hormone imbalances in the hair follicle.

When can I see the result after starting mesotherapy?

Result after starting mesotherapy

Depending on the target area and overall condition of a patient’s skin, a different number of sessions and mesotherapy components are required for everyone. In general, the first results should be expected after three-four injection sessions. Specialists claim that usually, people need between 4 and 10 treatment sessions with intervals every 7 to 14 days. Once again, everything is strictly individual, so a pre-appointment is necessary in order to calculate all nuances based on the patient’s peculiarities.

Sometimes, beauty professionals recommend mesotherapy as supportive therapy for those who actively try to lose weight. In this case, two to four appointments are required for losing an inch of fat (approximately 2,5 cm). We would like to remind you one more time that, without an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, mesotherapy for weight loss is almost pointless.

Beneficial components used in mesotherapy procedures

As was already mentioned above, meso cocktails are unique solutions in the beauty industry, explicitly mixed for patient’s needs. After a pre-appointment, a doctor defines all needed ingredients of the remedy, as well as the approximate number of procedures, as well as a treatment area.

Usual formulas for youthful skin include the following components:

  • Prescription medications (for example, antibiotics or vasodilators);
  • Hormones (thyroxine, calcitonin, etc.);
  • Enzymes (hyaluronic acid, collagenase, and so on);
  • Various herbal extracts;
  • Vitamins and minerals.

Adverse reactions are not typical for mesotherapy treatments; however, in case any severe allergic reactions, skin damages, or physical inconveniences appear after the procedure, it is recommended to inform the doctor right away. In this way, it is possible to prevent health complications in the future. But no worries, side effects are not typical for mesotherapy treatments and happen very rarely.

Final word

Mesotherapy treatment is a perfect solution to boost one’s appearance and improve health conditions. With its help, it is possible to not only improve skin conditions and eliminate visible signs of aging but also help people lose weight and make hair follicles much stronger. In order to know exactly what steps are needed to reach your aesthetic goals, it is recommended to have a consultation with a professional first. And remember – you should never be afraid of your own desires. Stop worrying and start your journey to the youthful appearance of your dreams. Good luck!

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