What Results Can You Get with Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

What results can you get with mesotherapy for hair loss?

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive type of treatment that can be extremely helpful with a variety of aesthetic and health problems – excess weight reduction, skin rejuvenation, blood circulation improvement, etc. But in today’s blog post, we would like to discuss mesotherapy for improving hair growth – one of the most popular treatments in the mesotherapy field.

During the procedure, a unique solution is used; specialists choose it based on the patient’s needs, the condition of the skin on the head, and other vital factors. Possible components may include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, as well as specific chemicals that help hair grow faster. But what is the final result of mesotherapy for hair, and why do people choose it for their treatments? Keep reading to know all the answers!

Types of hair loss in people

Depending on the type of hair loss, doctors choose a proper method to stimulate hair growth in their patients. Typically, it is divided into three main kinds:

  • Androgenetic alopecia (also known as pattern baldness in both men and women). It is caused by genetic factors, as well as a high number of androgen hormones in the body, which can weaken hair follicles in the temples area, and in the crown of the head;
  • Involutional alopecia. This one is triggered by the aging process. After the age of 50, men and women tend to grow new hair much slower, while already existing falls out much faster. That’s why thinning areas on the scalp appear;
  • Traction alopecia. The last one is much more typical for women than for men. It is related to hair damage caused mainly by tight ponytails, buns, braids, etc. If you pull the hair too harshly, hair follicles can become weaker, and thinning hair is the result.

Benefits of mesotherapy treatment. Why is it so popular?

Benefits of mesotherapy treatment. Why is it so popular?

As studies demonstrated, 54% of people prefer hair mesotherapy over hair transplant because it’s not only effective in terms of aesthetic purposes but also in solving the existing problem that originally caused the damage. In order to understand the procedure better, we would like to present you the list of the main benefits of mesotherapy; in this way, it will be easier to understand its overall working principle and the reason for its popularity. Let’s start!

Direct delivery to the dermis

By using a unique method of delivering the remedy to the dermis (with the help of micro-needles), it is possible to reach the middle layer of the skin and go deep under the skin. Thanks to that, active substances can get to the target area faster and start the treatment process quicker.

Hair follicles stimulation

In each follicle, there is a sebaceous gland that’s responsible for moisturizing the scalp, nourishing it, and secreting body oils produced naturally for keeping the hair silky and shiny. By stimulating follicles with tiny needles, growth factors are triggered, which are crucial for hair regrowth and growth.

The procedure is painless and 100% safe

The only alternative for mesotherapy is an invasive surgery that requires downtime and may lead to serious post-treatment complications. On the other hand, meso procedures provide people with the best patient experience, leave no damage on the sensitive tissues, and demand minimal time for recovery.

Scalp rejuvenation

Not only can this special treatment technique guarantee hair regrowth and hair follicles rejuvenation, but also general scalp rejuvenation. With the help of small punctures during the injection, new blood vessels are developed under the skin, and the hair has a better “ground” for growing.

Reduce inflammations on the scalp

The most common reason for scalp inflammation is the issue called scalp pruritus, mainly known as itchy scalp condition. There are plenty of factors that can cause it – dandruff, psoriasis, folliculitis, and so on. Those can lead to severe consequences, head skin damages, and other problems that are pretty hard to get under control. With the help of mesotherapy hair treatment, it is much easier to control these issues and reduce skin inflammations.

Bring PH levels back to normal

Not many people know, but dirt, oil, and grime can often clog hair follicles and cause uneven pH levels in the head skin. Because of that, skin cannot protect the body, and hair and scalp damage become pretty common. By using mesotherapy, a scalp gets proper exfoliation, and follicles become stronger.

When do mesotherapy results become visible?

The main question most patients ask before deciding to use mesotherapy is when the effect becomes noticeable. Well, in this situation, there is no one correct answer. Everything depends on several factors:

  • The severity of the hair loss;
  • Body reaction to the treatment;
  • Meso cocktail used for the procedure;
  • Overall health condition of the patient.

The number of sessions can also vary. Usually, the number of sessions starts from 10 but may be increased if it is not enough to reach desired goals. Everything begins with one treatment session every two weeks (for the first 2-3 months), and then the number is reduced gradually to one procedure every 2-3 months to maintain the results. Please remember that you need to be patient because the effect won’t be noticeable right after the first procedure; however, the outcome is 100% worth it.

Side effects of mesotherapy

Sometimes, the results may be less noticeable because of the side effects that occur almost in every person. Those are not dangerous for health and only need some time to disappear. We talk about increased tenderness of the head skin, skin redness or bruising, itching, rash, and other injection site reactions.

In case anything mentioned above developed into severe allergic reactions or cause serious discomfort, you should inform the doctor. Maybe, some additional help is required to deal with those.

Final word

Scalp mesotherapy is a highly effective way to deal with baldness and hair loss in different types of patients. Due to the outstanding results, affordability, and a great variety of problems meso treatment can solve, its popularity is only growing.

The procedure itself is safe and painless so that patients can achieve thick, glowing, healthy hair without any unpleasant consequences. In case there are any doubts about whether mesotherapy is for you – a consultation with a professional is always an option. Think about it and start your journey to the perfect hair of your dreams today!

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