Hair Botox vs Keratin: what’s the difference?

Hair Botox vs Keratin

Keratin and Hair Botox are professional hairdressing procedures used to solve the problem of split ends and damaged hair. The essence of both methods is reduced to the effect of the treatment substance on the hair structure. However, the duration of the drug application and the principle of exposure are different. We will analyze in more detail which substance botox or keratin to choose for hair restoration.


In humans, this substance is found in the skin and its derivatives: nails and hair. The main function of keratin is protective. Human hair consists mainly of this protein. As long as keratin is enough, the curl looks shiny, elastic and strong. But as soon as the protein begins to “wash out” in the process of dyeing or to break down due to high temperatures, the hair structure changes. Its core becomes porous, uneven, and brittle. Keratin gives the hair its shape, determining whether our hair will be straight or curly. Straight hair has a lot more keratin than curly hair; darker strands also contain more keratin than blonde hair.
The result of the keratin treatment is that whole or broken keratin scales are closed; hydrolyzed keratin molecules condense them, increasing their strength and form a protective layer on the hair surface. It becomes more direct, smooth, resilient and shiny. Some keratin formulations contain auxiliary, elastic proteins, such as collagen or sericin. They rejuvenate the intercellular space of the hair structure and create molecular structures to protect the hair from further destruction.

What is hair botox?

Botox itself is well associated with smoothness, aesthetics, and beauty. And such associations were transferred to the hair treatment. Hair botox has little to do with such a popular aesthetic medicine treatment as botox injections. There is no botulinum toxin here and no syringes. Botox treatment for hair is a non-invasive procedure. Hair botox is formaldehyde free; it doesn’t produce any bad fumes and smells unlike ordinary keratin treatments, which makes the application comfortable and completely safe. Botox for hair consists in pumping nutrients that complement the defects between the bark and the hair areola. Preparations used for hair botox contain primarily collagen, hyaluronic acid, and plant keratin. The hair botox formula serves as a transporter of the natural nutrient restorative substances, dragging their molecules behind to the very depths of the cortex, and then it holds them inside the hair, prevents stretching of the cortex layer and does not allow washing out the active substances. Thus 70% of botox keratin, which got into the hair structure during the procedure, remains in your hair forever!

This treatment directly affects the internal structure of the hair, improving the appearance. As a result, hair regains its shine, become soft and elastic again, smooth and delicate to the touch. And what’s interesting, the hair color becomes stronger, more vivid, which will please those with colored bands.

To sum up

Thanks to keratin, the hair acquires an attractive appearance, straightens and heals. The procedure is recommended to be done if you want to get the most straight hair for a long time from 3 to 6 months. Keratin products might contain formaldehyde and harmful chemical substances.

As for Botox, immediately after the procedure, the hair looks well-groomed, but does not become perfectly straight like after keratin straightening. With Botox, it is possible to strengthen the strands from the inside, grow and fill them with vitamins in natural way. The effects of a hair Botox treatment will last between 2 and 4 months.

In general, if you need to straighten your hair, there is keratin for you. In order to treat and reconstruct damaged hair with additional straightening effect, use hair botox. Consult your hair stylist to get the desirable effect.

Hair botox buy

Botox for hair products include hair masks, replenishing shampoos and conditioners. The price of Botox hair therapy varies from approximately $150–$300 and higher, and depends on if you buy the components to apply at home or receive the therapy at hair stylists.
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