All You Need to Know About Filler Dissolving: The Ultimate Guide to This Trend

Did you know that a dermal filler dissolving procedure is on the verge of its popularity these days? According to specialists in the aesthetic beauty sphere, more and more patients who have previously undergone injections of dermal fillers decide to dissolve them. Why is it so? Let’s figure it out together by going through the information below!

A Safety Note

A dermal filler dissolving procedure should be performed exclusively by a certified healthcare provider. It is not intended for home use. For this reason, only a medical professional with a valid license (such as a dermatologist, a cosmetologist, or a plastic surgeon) is eligible to dissolve dermal fillers on the demand of their patient.

What Is Filler Dissolving?

Dermal filler dissolving is a procedure of aesthetic medicine that assumes the process of reversing or removing injectable dermal fillers from the skin or lip tissues. It is most commonly done with the help of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid molecules of dermal fillers.

Not all dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid. Still, it is the most widespread active substance employed in them. More precisely, hyaluronic acid is the main component of numerous brands of cosmetic injectables, including Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, and Revolax dermal fillers. For this reason, this article is going to concentrate on the process of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler dissolving.

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What Does a Filler Dissolving Procedure Look Like?

A procedure of dermal filler dissolving lasts up to thirty minutes in most cases. According to specialists in the aesthetic beauty sphere, it is a minimally invasive process that might nevertheless cause temporary discomfort, especially when it comes to patients with a low pain threshold. Normally, dissolving of a cosmetic injectable looks as follows:

Step 1. A Consultation
Once a patient has decided to dissolve Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, or Revolax fillers in their skin or lip tissues, they should schedule a consultation with their medical specialist (a dermatologist, a cosmetologist, or a plastic surgeon). During it, a patient’s reasons for getting the skin or lip filler dissolved are going to be discussed. Also, their facial anatomy is going to be evaluated.

Step 2. An Application of a Topical Anesthetic
This step of a dermal filler dissolving process is optional. Shortly before the treatment, a medical specialist might numb a patient’s injected area by applying a topical anesthetic to it. This step aims to minimize pain and maximize the comfort of a patient during the treatment. It is strongly recommended if a cosmetic injectable is going to be removed from delicate areas of a patient’s face.

Step 3. An Injection of Hyaluronidase
After numbing a patient’s treatment zone, a medical specialist is going to use a fine gauge needle to get hyaluronidase, a dissolving agent, injected beneath a patient’s skin or lip tissues. As soon as hyaluronidase gets into a subcutaneous layer, a middle layer, or any of the superficial layers of a patient’s skin, it starts to break down the molecules of hyaluronic acid.

Step 4. A Recovery After the Treatment
This step strongly depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient and their reaction to a dermal filler dissolving process. For instance, if a patient feels itching, swelling, or redness around the injection site, a medical specialist might recommend applying an ice pack for a short period. Also, an exaggerated movement of the injection site should be avoided for several hours.

Step 5. An Evaluation of Final Results
It is important to mention that the final results of a dermal filler dissolving process become visible a couple of days after the treatment. For this reason, a patient should schedule a follow-up appointment with their medical specialist sometime after undergoing the procedure to evaluate its outcomes. In some cases, a medical specialist might recommend an additional appointment to arrive at the most natural results.

Any hyaluronic acid treatment (including Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, and Revolax treatment) aims to create natural-looking and long-lasting results when rejuvenating and enhancing the overall appearance of a patient. They might be used to minimize lines and wrinkles around a patient’s facial oval (including forehead lines nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, crow’s feet, and so on), as well as to create an attractive shape and contour of a patient’s lips. Unless a blood vessel of a patient has been unintentionally damaged, injections of dermal fillers do not cause any serious complications (such as tissue death).

How Much Does Filler Dissolving Cost?

There is no definite answer to the question of how much a dermal filler dissolving procedure costs. The main reason for this is that it strongly depends on the geographical location of a clinic, the qualification of a medical specialist, and other similar factors. Therefore, a patient would need to consult with their medical specialist in this regard.

The type and the volume of a cosmetic injectable that needs to be dissolved also have an impact on the price tag of the procedure. For instance, the process of dissolving two milliliters of Revolax Deep might cost more than the process of dissolving one milliliter of Revolax Fine, Revolax SUB-Q, or any other Revolax filler (even though they all are products from the Revolax range produced by Fox Pharma).

On average, one session of dissolving a hyaluronic acid product (for instance, Revolax Fine, Revolax SUB-Q, or other Revolax fillers) might cost from a hundred to over a thousand US dollars. Its exact price, however, should be clarified by a patient’s medical specialist.

No matter whether used to address nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, and other mild to deep wrinkles or to restore volume of the cheeks, a hyaluronic acid product is going to dissolve on its own with time. The time frame within which it is going to happen depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient, starting from their skin type and ending with their current age.

Why Is Filler Dissolving a Current Trend in Aesthetic Medicine?

The process of dissolving dermal fillers is an undeniable aesthetic medicine trend. A great number of patients who have undergone injections of dermal fillers for whatever reason (for instance, to fill deeper lines, smooth creases, or augment lips) decide not to wait till their results fade away on their own and try out to dissolve them with the help of hyaluronidase. Below, you will find the top three reasons for this.

Reason #1. Dissatisfaction with the Results of the Injection

If the results of the cosmetic injectable procedures are not as expected, dissolving the product can help reverse or adjust the outcome.

Reason #2. Occurrence of Complications

In some cases, complications such as lumps, bumps, or asymmetry may arise, and dissolving the cosmetic injectable can help correct these issues.

Reason #3. Desire to Accelerate the Natural Aging Process

Over time, the body naturally breaks down and absorbs certain types of dermal fillers. However, if someone wants to accelerate this process or adjust the results, they may choose to dissolve the filler.

Quite frequently, patients dissolve their old cosmetic injectables and inject new ones almost immediately. This way, they arrive at the desired results in a very quick way.

Final Words

All in all, the process of dissolving dermal fillers is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures these days. It allows a patient not to wait until the cosmetic injectable dissolves on its own with time by effectively accelerating this process.

Post Scriptum

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