How to Get a Rid of Nasolabial Folds – Part 1

How to Get a Rid of Nasolabial Folds – Part 1

Nasolabial folds pester both men and women who turn to specialists and are ready for any sacrifices. But even among doctors there are different myths about the effectiveness of injection techniques and the price of such procedures.

Why do such grooves appear?

Wrinkles from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips are quite common. Often this is facilitated by the structure and oval of the face along with:

  • large cheeks, round
  • puffiness
  • overweight (or when weight gain is reflected on the face and cheeks), age
  • facial expressions.

All wrinkles are formed due to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity (the natural age process due to the destruction of collagen fibers in the structure of the dermis) and begins to sag. Moisture of collagen no longer holds, therefore, creases are formed, which are not visible in youth, when moist and elastic skin is self-smoothing. In the creases, moisture is not retained, but in the cheeks, chin accumulates, strengthening “weight” and stretching the skin a little.

Illiterate facial massage also has a bad effect on nasolabial folds, but regular correct procedures for several months might solve the problem a little. Often, these folds become visible after a sharp weight loss, or after a disease. Most people do not notice them, but for some it’s a problem, for the reason that nasolabial folds spoil the self-esteem, affects the perception by colleagues, customers etc., or generally emphasizes the age of external attractiveness, adding some years.

How to remove nasolabial wrinkles?

Everything depends on the age, the features of the face and general condition of the skin. When the folds are not strong, regular moisturizing and skin care, masks, massage, facial gymnastics will help.

With age-based conditions it is recommended:

  • procedures of lifting
  • fruit and chemical peels
  • mesotherapy, which help restore cellular metabolism and improve tone.

The biorevitalization, fillers, botulin toxin, lipofilling, mezonite, laser, mini-lift might be considered as more serious measures.

Fillers as a solution

Although fillers are associated with hyaluronicum (Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal), cosmetology is also familiar with hydroxylapatite calcium (Radiesse) and biopolymer gels (for example, Ellance – polycaprolactone).

Hyaluronic fillers last 6-24 months, Radiesse – up to 2 years, Ellans is credited with the effectiveness of 2-3 years. All drugs are considered biodegradable and non-allergic. But abnormalities (puffiness, itching and hardening) are still possible.

The effectiveness of the method depends on the density of the filler and the skin condition. If the lady is over 45, the skin is strongly overdried and deprived of tonus, it is recommended first to perform biorevitalization, and after positive changes already enter the gel into problematic folds. Otherwise, the skin could “drink” the filler, and it does not fill wrinkles.

There is also such an option, when hyaluronic acid is injected not into creases, but into cheekbones, to emphasize their contour and make it higher. Then the skin slightly rises and the grooves become less noticeable. The method helps with a good toning of the skin.

Generally, it is better to give preference to known fillers, as they are relatively safe and are certified. Little-known brands offer analogues, about the quality and action of which cosmetologists have too little information. To fill the nasolabial folds, cosmetologists prefer: Radiesse, Juvederm Ultra-2 or Ultra-3, Restylane, Surgiderm 24 XP or 30 XP, Perlayn.

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