Which Juvederm Is Best for Lips?

Which Juvederm Is Best for Lips?

Enhanced, full lips are the dream of thousands of people out there. The way lips look often compliments the appearance, but only some have plump lips naturally. It is a good thing that products like Juvederm lip fillers exist. Due to the beneficial formula and hyaluronic acid included in the gel’s composition, a specialist can enhance lips with one simple procedure, and there’s no need to go through complicated surgeries with durable recovery.

This brand has many filler variations, so it can be confusing for some individuals (especially those with zero experience in this sphere). So, today’s article from FillerSupplies contains all the essential information about lip fillers, which products work best for a sensitive lip region, as well as some beneficial aftercare tips. Let’s begin the discussion!

Before we start, if you are a board-certified professional who wants to buy dermal fillers to use in the clinic, contact our managers or add everything you need to the cart to order. The price of Juvederm filler is indicated on the brand’s webpage, so ensure to check it out once you finish reading this article. 

Why Is Juvederm the Best Solution for Lips?

Juvederm is a unique injectable gel produced by the Allergan manufacturer. It includes numerous variations of the filler, so any aesthetic goal can be satisfied in the doctor’s

office: from nasolabial folds to lip lines – this product can deal with any flaw.

One of the things making Juvederm so unique and popular is its composition; cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin settles well under the skin and rarely causes irritations, as this substance is naturally present in the human body. When administered to the target area, the gel provides additional volume, smoothes out wrinkles, and fills in creases that make people look older than they actually are. On top of that, HA attracts water molecules, so individuals with dry skin can benefit from the session and moisturize skin along with enhancing lips.

Of course, plenty of brands work with HA and have similar effects to Juvederm; however, years of practice and experiments allowed this product to reach perfection, work out the best formula for skin rejuvenation, and provide desired aesthetic results to patients worldwide. Isn’t people’s experience the best proof of the product’s reliability?


Top-3 Juvederm Fillers for Lip Enhancement

juvederm in lips result

Now that we understand that Juvederm lip injections are safe and effective, let’s discuss specific product variations from the brand mainly used for sensitive lip areas. Most of them are perfect for both lip augmentation and aging signs elimination in the perioral zone, so discussing all the treatment details in advance is essential for patients’ understanding of this process.

Each of these dermal fillers works for approximately a year, which is a pretty decent result. However, the effect fades away with time, so it’s better to explain the importance of touch-up treatments to patients. If a procedure is performed once a year, it should be enough to support enhanced lip appearance.

#1. Juvederm Ultra Smile

These Juvederm dermal fillers are among the most popular ones for lip enhancement. The concentration of hyaluronic acid in this product is 24mg/ml, and it’s improved with the help of a unique 3D matrix technology. This combination provides a durable result with a natural-looking finish, which is definitely something most patients look for in a treatment. The improvement is noticeable right after the administration, and it looks even better as the filler settles under the skin.

#2. Juvederm Volbella XC

Another highly-demanded dermal filler for the lip region contains 15mg/ml of hyaluronic acid, and it’s perfect for subtle results without a dramatic finish. It wouldn’t work for people who want to change the contour or have a significant enhancement, but at the same time, it’s one of the best options for asymmetry correction and hydration boost. As a bonus, patients with uneven lip surfaces can enjoy smooth, flawless lip texture after the injection session.

#3. Juvederm Ultra XC

The last product we would like to discuss is Juvederm Ultra XC. It can add a subtle volume to the lips due to 24mg/ml of HA in the formula. 3D matrix technology makes the results natural-looking and durable, so people can forget about vertical lip lines, dry lips, and other unfortunate issues for at least a year once the session is finished.

How Much Filler Do I Need for the Treatment?

One of the most common questions people have when they go to a consultation in the doctor’s office is how much filler is required to achieve decent results. The truth is, there is no such thing as the correct answer to this question.

The amount of Juvederm filler for lip enhancement should be calculated based on certain individual factors, those typically discussed during the consultation. These factors include:

  • A patient’s request regarding the final result;
  • Skin and lip peculiarities;
  • Certain health conditions;
  • The type of filler used for the procedure.

Typically, not more than one syringe of the gel is needed to provide a decent volumizing effect and correct the contour. Most specialists prefer using less filler to enhance lips and add more gel if needed later during touch-up treatments. That’s a win-win scheme to ensure no filler overfill can harm one’s appearance significantly.

Note: If too much Juvederm is administered, hyaluronidase can be used to break down HA particles faster. That’s a safe option, which helps control the results and return to the initial appearance if a client doesn’t like the effect. 

How to Take Care of Lips After the Treatment

Once Juvederm lip enhancement is performed, a specialist must explain all the aftercare essentials to their patient to ensure they know how to make the healing process safe and successful. There are a few rules people should follow, and we believe it’s a good idea to mention them in this article:

  1. Eliminate sun exposure. We understand that plenty of tanning fans are out there, but the truth is the sun is not our friend. Direct sunlight significantly influences skin aging and reduces the average Juvederm longevity. Always apply SPF when going out, wear hats, and try not to be on the street during active sun hours;
  2. Overheated places are not your friends. Of course, we all love taking hot, fancy baths or thinking about life in the shower. However, heat is not always your friend when it comes to dermal filler treatments. High temperatures in places like saunas or solariums can worsen swelling and bruising after the procedure, as well as cause gel migration under the skin. Thus, specialists highly recommend avoiding such places for at least a week after the injection session to ensure the healing process is unproblematic;
  3. Don’t use heavy makeup on your lips. Lip augmentation makes this area extremely sensitive, so it’s important to not put excessive pressure on it and pumper it with care. Not using heavy makeup is a perfect way to prevent irritation, let the skin heal, and avoid Juvederm migration. Gentle lip oils will be perfect for the recovery to keep lips moisturized and shiny;
  4. Choose high-quality lip care. This way, it’s easier to minimize possible complications and stimulate the effect to appear faster. Consider using products such as hydrating lip balms, lip scrubs for a better regeneration process, and nourishing lip masks after Juvederm lip filler. Just remember that it’s better to wait for a few days before starting incorporating these products into your routine;
  5. Always stay hydrated. Proper water balance in the body is vital to maintain skin well-moisturized, plump, smooth, and generally attractive. The same works for lip appearance. If a person doesn’t drink enough water, lips can look dry and wrinkly, thus aged and thin. Try drinking at least 1-1,5l of water per day.

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To Sum Up: Choose Juvederm for Lip Enhancement!

Juvederm is one of the most effective dermal fillers used for lip augmentation and shape correction. This product by Allergan is safe thanks to the beneficial components, such as hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. With just one injection session, it’s possible to provide a decent improvement and maintain the results for around a year. However, yearly touch-up procedures are more than enough not to let the filler wear off, and the lips lose their fullness. On this note, the article is finished. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more exciting information!

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