Evenity vs. Prolia: What’s the Difference?

Evenity vs. Prolia What's the Difference

Evenity and Prolia are brand-name medications used to treat osteoporosis. They both are characterized by high safety, strong effectiveness, and long-lasting duration. These features have helped Evenity and Prolia to win the hearts of numerous healthcare providers worldwide.

But what is the difference between these osteoporosis medications? Let us figure it out together by going through the below-mentioned comparison of Evenity injection vs. Prolia injection!

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General Information on Evenity and Prolia

Above anything else, how about taking a closer look at Evenity and Prolia? Let us go through the general information on their manufacturers, composition, indications, contraindications, side effects, and expected results right away!


Osteoporosis medications of Evenity and Prolia have the same manufacturer. More precisely, they are produced by a biotechnological corporation of Amgen, which combines profound experience and innovative technologies while manufacturing its pharmaceutical solutions.

According to its website, Amgen produces products that address serious illnesses with a limited number of treatment options. Apart from Evenity and Prolia, it manufactures Aimovig, Aranesp, Blincyto, Corlanor, Neupogen, Sensipar, Vectibix, and a wide range of other medications.

A vast majority of Amgen’s products (including Evenity and Prolia) are intended for professional use. Therefore, you have to be a certified medical provider in order to order Evenity on the web or buy Prolia online.


The composition of Evenity and Prolia is also quite similar (but not identical). They belong to the drug class of miscellaneous bone resorption inhibitors. Here is more precise information on the composition of both medications:

  • Evenity is based on romosozumab-aqqg. It is a humanized monoclonal antibody that inhibits the action of sclerostin, which is a regulatory factor in bone metabolism;
  • Prolia, in its turn, is based on denosumab. It is a RANK ligand inhibitor that blocks a certain receptor in the body to decrease bone breakdown.

The above-mentioned active ingredients mentioned are exceptionally qualitative. They both are very safe and effective in treating osteoporosis by substantially improving bone density and strength.

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The main indication of Evenity and Prolia is to take care of mild to very severe osteoporosis (and related to it very low bone density) in female patients who have gone through menopause. The medications might be effectively applied to slow bone breakdown, decrease bone fracture risk, stimulate bone formation, and improve bone mineral density.

As we age, our bones undergo ongoing renovation. Namely, the cells called osteoclasts break down old bone, while the cells called osteoblasts lay down new bone. This process is called bone turnover. However, females after the menopause usually experience the breakage of old bone happening more quickly than the formation of new bone. If it happens, osteoporosis might occur.

At the same time, however, it is worth mentioning that Prolia injections (unlike Evenity injections ) might also be used for additional purposes, such as:

  • To treat osteoporosis caused by the long-term usage of glucocorticoids in males and females;
  • To improve the quality of bone tissue in females undergoing breast cancer treatments;
  • To enhance bone health in males undergoing prostate cancer treatments;
  • And so on.

Based on the above-mentioned overview of indications for Evenity and Prolia treatments, we might state that the latter medication has a broader spectrum of action.


Both Evenity and Prolia are contraindicated to patients with hypocalcemia (or, in other words, too little calcium in the blood). This health problem has to be eliminated before initiating the treatment with the help of these osteoporosis drugs.

As well, Evenity and Prolia should not be used under any of the following circumstances:

  • If a patient has allergic reactions to the main active substance in the medication’s composition (namely, romosozumab-aqqg and denosumab);
  • If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • If a patient plans to undergo an invasive dental work in the nearest future;
  • And so on.

Apart from the above-mentioned contraindications common for Evenity and Prolia, the latter has some additional ones, such as low parathyroid hormone levels, trouble with absorbing minerals by the body, or a weakened immune system.

Side Effects

The side effects after using Evenity and Prolia are quite similar. Both medications might cause:

  • Joint pain;
  • Muscle spasms;
  • Headache;
  • Cold symptoms (including runny nose, sore throat, or cough);
  • Skin irritation around the injection site;
  • And so on.

Under normal circumstances, these side effects have a temporary character. They tend to fade away in two to five days after the administration of the medication and do not require any medical supervision in most cases.

At the same time, a patient should contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible in case of having any severe adverse reactions after the administration of Evenity and Prolia, including allergy, infection, unusual bone fracture, and intense pain. The ignorance of these risk factors might lead to serious health complications (for instance, a bone cancer, heart attack, cardiovascular problem, or stroke).

Evenity vs. Prolia

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Expected Results

When comparing the expected results of Prolia vs. Evenity, it is essential to mention that both medications are exceptionally effective when it comes to the treatment of osteoporosis. Under normal circumstances, a patient might notice the following improvements in their health condition:

  • Increased bone density and strength;
  • Improved amount of calcium in the blood;
  • Suppressed sclerostin;
  • Minimized risk of bone fractures (including spinal fractures);
  • Accelerated formation of new bone tissue;
  • And so on.

In most cases, the above-mentioned results are expected to last for twelve months in the case of Evenity and six months in the case of Prolia. However, it strongly depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient.

A Comparison of Evenity and Prolia

After taking a closer look at Evenity and Prolia, how about comparing them to one another? Let us check out the main similarities and differences between these two medications right away.


The main similarities between Evenity and Prolia are:

  • Just like Evenity, Prolia is an osteoporosis drug;
  • Evenity and Prolia are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical corporation of Amgen;
  • Both Evenity and Prolia have similar indications, contraindications, and side effects.

Despite the above-mentioned list of similarities, Evenity and Prolia should not be used in a combination. Otherwise, unwanted drug interactions might occur.


The main differences between Evenity and Prolia, in their turn, are:

  • The active substance in the composition of Evenity is romosozumab-aqqg, while Prolia is based on denosumab;
  • Prolia has a wider range of indications if compared to Evenity. Apart from being used to treat osteoporosis in female patients who have gone through menopause, it might also be applied to decrease the risk of fragility fracture in females undergoing breast cancer treatment, males undergoing prostate cancer treatment, and males and females using glucocorticoids;
  • The expected results of Evenity equal twelve months, while Prolia provides patients with the effects that last six months.

Final Words

All in all, Evenity and Prolia are the effective products to address osteoporosis. Despite the fact that they have a lot of similarities, these medications are not identical. Therefore, please consult with your healthcare provider to define which medication is going to do the best job in your individual case!

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