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How To Help Your Lip Fillers Last Longer?

How To Help Your Lip Fillers Last Longer_

In a pursue eternal youth and nice appearance, people use different tricks to look younger, and dermal fillers are one of the most wide-spread and safe ways to lose a few years and obtain a desired volume and shape. While the procedure is fast, relatively painless, and does not demand any special preparations and gives almost immediate results, most of the clients are concerned just about one specific question – how long do dermal fillers and especially lip fillers last? Unfortunately, no one can give you a 100% reliable answer as this is highly individual and depends on:

  • the processes of metabolism
  • the injected area
  • type of dermal filler

In general, the effects after dermal fillers’ administration are visible from three months to two years. However, the faster your metabolism and the more movable the zone with injected dermal filler is, the faster you would have to visit your doctor again and have the procedure repeated. It means that lips and area around the mouth are the places where hyaluronic acid will be absorbed the fastest.  Thus, many of the clients ask: “How to make lip fillers last longer?” Although there is no unique secret on how to make a hyaluronic acid linger in the body for a little bit longer, and you should be realistic here, there are a few things which you may do in order to keep the result as long as possible.

Follow the doctor’s recommendations

Despite this procedure does not include surgical intrusion, and you can return to your daily activity right after it, take all the doctor’s pieces of advice seriously and do not do physical exercises, put makeup, or visit spa within the next 24 hours. It will help you not just to prolong the life of the filler but also protect you from the undesired lip fillers’ side effects.

Another interesting and very necessary article is Where to Inject Botox for Lip Flip? It can be just the advice that will help your health.

Avoid direct sunlight

We are sure you have heard about the harmful influence of the aggressive sun and that you should wear creams and cosmetics with SPF even in winter to prevent pigmentation and photoaging, right? In the same way, avoiding sunlight may prolong the life of your hyaluronic acid lip fillers for some time. It does not mean you should stick to a vampire lifestyle, using SPF and trying to stay in shade from 11 to 3 pm, when the sun is at the pick of its activity will be more than enough.

Reduce Stress

Perhaps, you have noticed what disastrous effect stress has on your organism – it makes you lose weight or gain it, it makes hair and nails weaker, even your teeth. It destroys everything, and your dermal fillers will not become an exception.

We understand that it is impossible to avoid stress completely, but if you managed to identify and reduce the irritants, which put you under stress, you would significantly improve the quality of your life and postpone the next visit to the cosmetology clinic.

Keep in mind your sport activity

Unfortunately, sport and physical activity are not the best friends to dermal fillers. Although they contribute to the health, your slim figure, and great mood, they activate and accelerate the metabolism, making the organism splitting and assimilating the hyaluronic acid faster. It does not mean you should abandon your fitness program and turn into a motionless statue, just try to do not overdo it. The lip fillers cost is not that low to dissolve them in a few physical education classes.

Watch what you eat

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good not just for your general health but also postpone the next visit to the doctor. Healthy and well-moisturized skin will slow down the process of splitting of the hyaluronic acid, while the inflammation caused by irregular or junk food will just accelerate it.

Choose the best filler

Remember a saying “a miser pays twice”? Fillers are definitely not a thing where you should think about saving money. We do not say that cheap means bad, but we recommend consulting with the doctor and doing online investigation rather than blindly chose a remedy considering just its price. Although the market offers a variety of similar drugs, Radiesse dermal fillers and Juvederm lip fillers are one of the most popular with excellent results.

Do regular re-injections

If you want to keep a constantly visible effect, you should undergo the procedure with regular intervals, following the doctor’s recommendations.  It will be much easier and less expensive than starting the whole process from the beginning if you wait till the filler is worn out from the place of injection completely.

Following these simple steps will help you to preserve the young and plump appearance of your lips a little bit longer. If you have any further concerns about dermal fillers, our friendly team is eager to help you out!

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