Where to Inject Botox for Lip Flip?

Where to Inject Botox for Lip Flip

Lip enhancement is a procedure well-known and used in the cosmetic beauty sphere for patients’ appearance improvement and general rejuvenation of their looks. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention lip augmentation procedures is a dermal filler; however, what would you say if we informed you that Botox could also be used for this purpose? To be more precise, the Botox lip flip treatment has similar abilities to dermal filler lip augmentation.

In today’s article, we would like to have a closer look at this procedure as many patients often confuse it with hyaluronic acid injections. So, continue reading to learn all essentials related to Botox lip enhancement!

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How Botox Injections May Be Used for Lip Flip Procedures?

The lip flip procedure is a relatively new method of upper lip augmentation that involves Botox injections. The neurotoxin (botulinum toxin type A) is administered into the mouth area to relax muscles, visually increase the upper lip volume, as well as improve the lip shape in general.

Typically, this is the best option for patients who want to get rid of the gummy smile (even though some individuals find it quite cute, others consider it one of the biggest insecurities). Botox makes it possible to block the nerve endings of the muscle that holds the lip; in this way, it may relax and “hang” a little bit (just enough to make the lip look fuller and plumper). This cosmetic procedure is minimally-invasive, easy, and rarely followed by adverse reactions, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are willing to try it for their aesthetic purposes.

Technically, botulinum toxin injections cannot provide a lip augmentation effect; however, they relax the muscles and create an illusion of a fuller upper lip. Thus, it’s a perfect option for those who are afraid to administer additional substances under their skin, concerned that the treatment would be “too much” for their appearance, or cannot use hyaluronic acid cosmetic injection because of certain contraindications related to their health conditions. Also check out this article about Botox danger zones.

Where to Inject Botox for Lip Flip?

Botox lip flip involves three main administration spots, which are considered the safest ones: along the vermillion border, as well as right above and below the white of the lip. The area of vertical lip line occurrence is also among the most popular ones for botulinum toxin injections.

Some individuals may experience certain adverse reactions after the procedure, but no worries – it’s a totally natural reaction of the body to the unknown solution administered into the muscle (or under the skin). The level of swelling typically depends on the depth of the administration: the deeper you inject Botox, the more swelling you will experience afterward. However, it should be gone in a few days after the procedure, so there is no need to panic!

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How Long Does a Botox Lip Flip Last?

Just like Botox cosmetic procedures for aging prevention, lip flips last approximately five months; this number depends a lot on numerous reasons, such as:

  • The age of a patient;
  • The overall condition of a client’s skin;
  • Medical history and current health situation of an individual;
  • The desired final result;
  • And others.

In order to make sure this treatment option would suit you, it is better to set an appointment with a medical professional and discuss all essential aspects with them: starting from the problem that should be solved, ending with the price and other nuances.

Note: A Botox lip flip cost is mainly decided based on how many units of Botox are needed to provide a person with the desired effectiveness. The location of the clinic and the experience of a medical professional may also be quite decisive here.

Botox Lip Flip Procedure: What to Expect?

In order not to be anxious about Botox for fuller lips, it is better to know at least the procedure protocol and some basic steps performed by a plastic surgeon during the treatment. By knowing them, the anxiety will decrease, and an overall experience in a clinic will be more pleasant. So, let’s have a closer look at a typical plan of the Botox administration session that can hide a certain amount of gum visible while smiling.

Before the Treatment

In order for a procedure to be successful, medical professionals recommend preparing the organism for this process. In this way, the chances of severe adverse reactions will become much lower, as well as the healing process, in general, will be much faster and easier. So, what should you do before the Botox lip flip procedure:

  • Avoid cosmetic procedures that can damage the skin surface in the target area for at least two weeks before the lip flip (for example, chemical peel, waxing, etc.);
  • Stop taking medications and vitamins with blood-thinning effect at least ten days before the treatment (it includes aspirin, vitamin E and A, fish oil, and other remedies). However, this step should be discussed with a doctor to make sure this action won’t affect one’s well-being;
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours before the Botox for the top lip because they also have blood-thinning abilities.

Also, don’t forget about eating well, sleeping enough before the procedure, and drinking lots of water. If you are well-rested, the chances of having a positive experience in a clinic are much higher.

During the Appointment

Because of the small size of the treated area, Botox lip flop is probably among the most accessible procedures available in the cosmetic beauty sphere. Usually, it doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes (including the removal of makeup and other contaminants on the facial surface). A topical numbing cream can also be applied if a patient has a low pain tolerance. Afterward, the remedy is administered to the lip elevator muscles with the help of fine needles and a syringe. When all those steps are done, a procedure may be considered finished. The only thing we’d like to warn you about is that the treated zone shouldn’t be touched or rubbed after the injection session to allow Botox to settle properly.

After the Procedure

Even though Botox injection is a minimally invasive procedure that provides a subtle enhancement, it still requires about a week for all the adverse reactions to disappear and irritations to fade away completely. To make this process faster, specialists recommend following some aftercare tips (they may vary based on one’s skin condition, so it is better to discuss them with a medical expert before the treatment session):

  • Avoid makeup. Even though Botox is a product for a minimally-invasive procedure, it still includes the skin punctured by the needle. Thus, it’s important not to irritate the target area as long as possible. So, for at least a week, don’t use foundation, powder, or lipstick in the treated region. Chapstick and SPF are the only acceptable products;
  • No touching. Botox for thin lips needs time to settle properly, so don’t rub the place of injection, don’t try massaging it, and only use gentle face washing techniques;
  • Don’t exercise intensively. During fitness, jogging, or any other type of intense activity, we sweat heavily, pores enlarge, and it stimulates the inflammation process (as well as can be a favorable environment for various bacterias). So, give yourself some rest and let all the post-treatment irritations fade away properly;
  • Avoid overheated places. No hot tubs, showers, steam rooms, solarium, and other areas that can warm up the skin too much in the Botox administration spot. They will not only make adverse reactions worse but also increase the chance of getting an infection through enlarged pores.

Botox Lip Flip Results: Pros And Cons

In order to make sure that a Botox lip flip procedure is for you, it is better to consider all pros and cons to know exactly what to expect during and after the treatment. This leads us to the last topic of today’s article: the pros and cons of the Botox lip flip cosmetic injection. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Primary Benefits of the Lip Flip Injection

  • The results are natural-looking. The product changes neither the shape nor contour of the upper lip, so the effect is very natural and subtle;
  • It’s less invasive compared to other procedures for an additional volume. That means adverse reactions are less likely to occur after the injection session;
  • The downtime after a correctly performed Botox treatment is minimal. A day or two is usually enough for all irritations to disappear fully;
  • Botox is more affordable if you compare it to lip filler. Nowadays, botulinum toxin injections are less expensive than hyaluronic acid fillers, so patients with lower budgets may choose it as their treatment option;
  • Botox lip flip is perfect for dealing with a gummy smile problem. Botox relaxes an upper lip; thus, it can go over the gums. Among all the available options on the market, this one is believed to be the safest and the most effective one.

Don’t Forget About Cons

  • Botox wears off faster than a dermal filler. While the average durability of a botulinum toxin injection is up to five months, most fillers last for up to a year. All because hyaluronic acid is denser, so it requires more time to be absorbed by the organism;
  • The results are not visible immediately. Botox injections start working right away, but up to 14 days are still needed for it to get to the nerve endings and fully paralyze them. So, a patient has to be calm and wait to see the final results;
  • Side effects like swelling or irritation are unavoidable. Botulinum toxins are likely to cause certain adverse reactions. Just like any other treatment that involves the administration of foreign substances into the body, Botox injections are often followed by swelling, redness, bruising, itching, and other unfortunate side effects. It is important to use a correct aftercare routine and wait a few days for all adverse reactions to disappear completely.

The Bottom Line: All About Botox Lip Flip

Botox lip flip is a perfect alternative for people who want a gentle, natural-looking lip volumizing effect with the help of a minimally-invasive aesthetic procedure. This treatment is fast, not complicated, and usually, one appointment is enough to demonstrate subtle results. If this procedure is performed by a well-educated professional with general knowledge of facial anatomy, as well as by using correct administration techniques, it may last for up to five months without the need for additional treatments.

Before choosing this skin improvement method for one’s needs, we’d recommend talking to a medical professional to make sure it will be safe and able to fulfill all patient’s aesthetic needs. Thank you for visiting our blog; stay safe!

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