Radiesse for Cheeks Before and After: Unveiling Remarkable Transformations

radiesse for cheeks before and after

Radiesse is one of the top-selling dermal fillers available in our online store. As the perfect season for cosmetic injectables is getting closer, we decided to talk more about the most popular brands on the FillerSupplies website. We believe it’s essential to understand what you are paying money for, so dive into the fantastic world of dermal fillers together with our team!

Today we will pay more attention to Radiesse uses, to be more precise – Radiesse for cheeks. This brand is perfect for missing volume restoration, so let’s unravel the secrets of this product and see how your patients can benefit from it. In case you are interested and want to buy Radiesse online, you can do it with a few easy clicks after logging into your account. Just make sure personal information is updated, as having a valid medical license is vital to purchase anything on FillerSupplies successfully.

Radiesse: Composition and Uses

radiesse for cheeks

Even though hyaluronic acid fillers are believed to be among the most popular products in the aesthetic medicine sphere, they have some competitors that slowly but surely win the leadership here. Of course, we are talking about Radiesse – a popular brand that uses calcium hydroxylapatite to help people maintain younger looks and maintain a younger-looking appearance for longer. Thanks to this ingredient, Radiesse is not only perfect for deep wrinkles reduction (like nasolabial folds and marionette lines), but it can also help renew some essential processes in the body, such as natural elastin and collagen production. Due to this Radiesse ability, the effect lasts longer and is visible even after the body metabolizes the gel.

Regarding the treatment area, this dermal filler works well for numerous purposes:

  • Wrinkles elimination (nasolabial folds, smile lines, marionette lines, and others);
  • Facial features definition to provide a natural-looking forward projection (cheeks, chin, and jawline contouring);
  • Brow lift;
  • Volume loss restoration in sunken regions, like cheeks and temples.


Even though Radiesse is perfect for loose skin and facial rejuvenation, it cannot be used for lip augmentation. The structure of the active substance is too dense, and it can cause damage in such sensitive areas as lips. For lip enhancement, hyaluronic acid fillers work best. 

What to Remember About Radiesse for Cheeks

Now that we know all the essentials about the Radiesse brand let’s discuss its usage for cheeks, as it’s one of the most popular requests patients come to the clinic with. Such important details as the procedure protocol, longevity, and safety will be mentioned here, so make sure to read everything attentively!

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How to Perform the Procedure?

The procedure protocol for Radiesse dermal fillers is similar to other cosmetic injectables. Before the treatment, all steps and safety information is discussed with the patient to ensure they clearly understand the process. Afterward, the target zone is peppered for the session: gel administration sites are cleaned to ensure no contaminants like natural facial oils or makeup are on the skin, and a topical numbing cream is applied to ensure the treatment is painless. After the nurse is done prepping, the doctor may start; they infuse the gel slowly and carefully under the skin, filling in the hollowness with the solution. A gentle massage is an option to ensure Radiesse is spread out evenly in the target spot. Still, it can only be performed by an educated specialist, and rubbing the face at home after the session is prohibited to prevent accidental filler migration.

Results and Longevity

The best thing about dermal filler treatments is that the first hints of results become noticeable the same day after the injection session. In the case of Radiesse, a few days are required for the product to settle and topical skin irritations to fade away. As a bonus, a significant improvement will be noticeable in a few months when the body’s collagen production improves. Sometimes, just one administration session is insufficient, so a specialist may schedule touch-up treatments to add more gel and even out the effect.

If the procedure is performed according to all the safety and administration rules, up to three treatments may be required, and the results last up to two years. Still, the effect wouldn’t fade away if maintenance procedures were scheduled regularly.

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Is It Safe to Use Radiesse for Cheeks?

Radiesse is a safe option for skin rejuvenation; it uses the best ingredients, is biodegradable, and rarely leads to adverse reactions once the injections are administered into the target spots. It’s a perfect method of cheek enhancement due to its dense structure, able to restore volume loss even in larger areas, making a person look youthful again. However, we highly recommend talking to a medical professional before deciding to stop on this option, as certain individual limitations must be discussed before the procedure to avoid unwanted complications once the session is over.

Primary Benefits of Radiesse for Cheeks

For those who doubt whether Radiesse is worth trying, here are just a few benefits of this product every patient has a chance to enjoy after the treatment session:

  • The procedure is non-invasive. It means the recovery is non-problematic, last a few days maximum, and is rarely complicated by severe adverse reactions. The process itself is also performed quickly – thirty minutes are typically enough to finish it and go ahead with your day;
  • The effect is immediate and long-lasting. Just one procedure is enough to enjoy the improvement for years, which is definitely something people want. Add a high level of safety to this combo, and you’ll have a clear understanding of Radiesse’s growing popularity;
  • Touch-up treatments are performed relatively fast. If the first session takes at most thirty minutes, the second one is required after twenty-four months and can be finished within fifteen minutes in the doctor’s office. A perfect way to save time!

To Sum Up: Cheeks Enhancement with Radiesse

Radiesse – an effective, high-quality, unique injectable actively used in the cosmetic beauty sphere for skin rejuvenation and appearance perfection. Due to its one-of-a-kind composition, this product suits well to those who need to get rid of deeper creases, as well as enhance hollow facial areas like cheeks and temples. If you look at Radiesse in cheeks before and after, you’ll notice a striking difference that can last for a long time. As a bonus, Radiesse can boost natural collagen production, making the improvement visible even after the gel wears off completely. Hopefully, this article was helpful in recollecting all the essentials about the Readiesse brand. Thank you for reading!

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