Botox in the Dental Office: True Fact or Myth?

Botox in the Dental Office

Many of us consider Botox as a treatment for old women who want to smooth out wrinkles and visually rejuvenate their facial skin. This cliche exists due to the long Botox history, numerous marketing campaigns, and stereotypes. A few decades ago, such a thought was acceptable, but now the use of the drug has expanded significantly. Nowadays, doctors apply it both for aesthetic and medical means. Some of our readers would be surprised but botulinum toxin is widely applied by dentists to treat a temporomandibular disorder, bruxism, deep nasolabial folds, radial lip lines, high lip line, black triangles between teeth, etc. If you have one of these problems, don’t hesitate, buy Botox 100u – it’s the solution!

Dental Use of Botox: The Advanced Medical Technologies

Toothache is not always caused by dental problems. Very often, patients visit dentists, complain about pain, and ask to identify and treat the damaged tooth. During the proper examination, it turns out that the pain comes from the muscles and not from the diseased tooth. The consequences of misdiagnosis can lead to the unnecessary treatment of healthy teeth, invasive interventions that may cause poor oral health or teeth loss. That’s why it’s crucially important to identify the source of ache and choose an appropriate therapy. Doctors treat the damaged teeth with filling them, and problems with muscle diseases are solved with dental Botox injections. Botulinum toxin is entered directly into painful muscle seals, which the doctor determines during a manual examination or using a special medical device. The substance blocks the nerve impulse transmission to the muscle and causes relaxation. It has an exact local effect, providing safe, reliable and long-term muscle softness.

The procedure is comfortable, almost painless, and takes only 15-20 minutes. The dose of preparation is calculated individually for each patient after a thorough examination of an experienced neurologist. All dentists have to obtain the special qualification to administer injections, so patients shouldn’t worry about the Botox treatment effectiveness.

Dental Health Problems that Botox Solves

First of all, dental use of Botox is primarily aimed at relaxing muscles. Doctors inject microscopic botulinum doses, that makes the procedure safe and with no side effects. In addition to the therapeutic effect, such injections cause good aesthetic results and help to solve the following problems:

  • temporomandibular joints disorder (when an overstrain of the jaw joint occurs, the person suffers from headaches and jaw pains; Botox injections can relieve tension in the jaw, paralyzing the muscles that cause pain; the patient doesn’t feel discomfort and there are no rehab period);
  • tooth grinding or bruxism (Botox injections reduce the masticatory muscles tension, thereby reducing the strength of grinding and protecting tooth enamel from damaging);
  • gummy smile (it’s not a disease, but rather a disadvantage that causes discomfort; botulinum toxin injections “freeze” the upper lip making the smile better and natural);
  • black triangles between teeth (people suffering from this problem often are confused and shy, they avoid smiling because their teeth seem damaged; botulinum toxin effectively replenishes volume in cavities between teeth making unattractive black triangles less noticeable);
  • trismus (trismus is a kind of protective muscle reaction to pain, which manifests itself in their spasm; after the injection, muscle spasm disappears and the patient can open his mouth normally).

The list of dental diseases that doctors treat with Botox is very big. More information about its medical properties you can find on our product page. You can also buy Botox on the same webpage.


Even though botulinum toxin is used to correct facial imperfections like deep folds or different wrinkles, doctors also use the drug to cure many dental problems. The remedy causes paralyzing effect, eliminates the source of pain and reduces related problems (for example headache).

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