Double Chin: the Causes and how to Get Rid of it

Double Chin: the Causes and how to Get Rid of it

Double chin is mainly associated with extra weight or obesity. However, these are not the only causes to provoke the formation of the fat layer in the area between the chin and neck. In any case, whatever is the reason, a double chin spoils the appearance, blurs the contours, and even changes the facial features. That is why many people dream day and night to get rid of the double chin once and forever. Is it possible? Let us examine the most widespread causes and effective ways to burn fat on your chin. Let’s start!

Causes of Double Chin

To know how to fight the problem, first of all, we should examine its roots as the reason will determine the most effective double chin treatment and preventative methods.


When we get older, the skin loses its elasticity and tone, may start to sag. The appearance of some loose or saggy skin may turn into the formation of a double chin in the elder age, even if you are still slim and never had it when you were younger.

Diet and weight

Extra weight and obesity are the most obvious and direct causes of a double chin. The organism deposits a layer of fat in the area between the chin and neck, and this is what all of us call a double chin.

Double Chin


Genes play a crucial role literally in everything, even the formation of a double chin. First of all, if there are a lot of people in your family having a double chin, there are great chances you will inherit it as well. If you do not have a well developed and defined jawline and protruded chin, even minor fat deposits will look like a double chin.


The way you hold your head during the day also may contribute to the formation of a double chin. If you used to lower your head, it would weaken the muscles of the neck, and the skin will start to sag, forming a double chin.

How to Remove a Double Chin?


As fat lies at the base of a double chin, to get rid of it is the most logical and effective decision. Thus, keeping a diet with an aim to lose weight is a wonderful idea for your figure, general appearance, health, and a double chin.


Face gymnastics is famous for its ability to train the facial muscles, return their elasticity and tone, lift the contours, and even sometimes eliminate fine wrinkles. It cannot promise wonders, but if your situation is not critical and not caused by extra weight, you may try this method to increase the tone in the muscles. When the skin is firm and elastic, it does not sag, and a double chin disappears.

You may visit special classes or find a complex of exercises online and repeat it every day at home whenever it is comfortable for you for 10-15 minutes, and after a few months, you will see a result.

Double Chin fillersupplies

Mesotherapy for double chin

Mesotherapy is a unique minimally invasive procedure that involves a series of local injections into the area of the chin. The solution for the double chin injection contains deoxycholic acid, an ingredient that dissolves fat cells. Another name for the procedure is Kybella.

Kybella for a double chin treatment takes place in sessions (sometimes even 20 injections in total). The maximum number of procedures is 6. Also, there should be an interval between the procedures – around 1 month or so.

The procedure is really fast and even does not require any special preparation. You will not spend in the doctor’s office more than thirty minutes in total. Moreover, there will be no need to stay in the hospital, and you will be able to go home and renew your usual daily activity (with a few restrictions) directly after the injections.


This is the last step to consider in the cases when other methods turn out to be ineffective or the case is too critical. In such a situation, a surgeon may offer you liposuction surgery to remove the excessive fat from the area and tighten the sagging skin. This method is a fast way to get rid of a double chin. Unfortunately, double chin lipo cost is not cheap, and as this is a surgery, it implies a recovery process that can become a drawback for a lot of patients.

Also, to make the chin more defined, the doctor may offer inserting silicone implants. With its help, the skin on the neck and chin will stretch and tighten, and the double chin will disappear.

Final word

The double chin is an aesthetic condition that spoils the appearance. Of course, it may be a consequence of extra weight gain and obesity, and you can simply lose some kilos to get rid of the double chin. However, this is not always the case. Genetics, age, and even your posture may become causes of having a double chin. Anyway, whatever is the reason, there is always a solution starting with a diet and facial exercises and ending up with plastic surgery. Moreover, modern cosmetology offers fast and effective methods to get rid of fat deposits locally just in a few minutes (Kybella for double chin). If the double chin is your concern, all you need to do is to choose the most suitable treatment or consult with a doctor. And you are halfway from the appearance of your dream.

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