7 Common Myths About Botox Injections

7 Common Myths About Botox Injections

7 Common Myths About Botox Injections

Hollywood celebrities, rich old women wishing to hide irreversible signs of ageing, finical models or who else comes to your mind when you think about Botox? Although this procedure has long ceased to be a godsend and a privilege for the rich, people still believe in many common Botox myths. We don’t want our readers to be in the dark, that’s why today we’re going to reveal 7 the most popular and preposterous misconceptions about botulinum type A injections. Keep reading – you’ll be surprised how tricky human imagination can be!

Lie #1: Once You Get the Injection, You’ll be Intoxicated and Then Die

If you have previously made little researches, you’re aware of what Botox consists of and how it influences the human body. Yes, botulinum toxin paralyzes body muscles and causes very dangerous disease botulism that leads to death. BUT! Only if you “catch” Clostridium botulinum from the natural environment and then get sick. Beauty injections that plastic surgeons use to eliminate wrinkles don’t contain pure toxins. Such a substance consists of a very low concentration of toxin and other ingredients, that’s why it never causes lethal results.

Lie #2: Botox Overdose Paralyses the Face for the Entire Life

Negative effects of Botox may be caused by different factors but overdosing is rare. The thing is the substance is packed in special syringes and the amount of medical liquid is calculated by researchers and doctors who perform procedures. If the patient chooses carefully the clinic and the doctor for beauty injections, there won’t be any unpredictable situations. What is more, even if the dose is wrong, your face can’t “freeze” for the entire life just because the Botox effect is temporal and the paralyzing action will pass in a few months.

Lie #3: One Shot is Enough to Stay Young for the Rest of Life

As was previously mentioned, the medicine causes temporal result and you have to repeat injection procedures to “save” smooth skin without wrinkles. Although one injection is not enough to get eternal youth, there’s the statement that Botox relaxes muscles, and even if its action expires, the muscles that are accustomed to the condition remain relaxed. This maintains a proper skin tone and prevents new wrinkles creation. One shot is not enough to solve all age-related problems but it’s pretty enough to lift sagging skin and get rid of annoying wrinkles for a very long time. And if you’re interested in how painful is Botox, keep calm because the whole procedure is completely comfortable and safe.

Lie #4: With the Help of Botox You Can Enlarge Lips, Change the Form of Cheekbones, etc.

Can’t believe you still exist! People, who believe that botulinum injections are capable to change your thin lips, crooked nose, and other significant imperfections. No, no and no again! Botox doesn’t work as a dermal filler. It can eliminate unattractive folds and lines and that’s all. Be careful and watch out for those “doctors” who promise great volumes with Botox – such results are impossible.

Lie #5: After the Effect of Botox Injection Fades, the Eyelids Sag and Eyebrows Fall

Horrible pictures of beauty injections victims may cause one more misconception about the procedure. Doctors claim that many patients are scared that their skin will sag when the action of injection passes. After stopping Botox therapy, your face will become the same as it was before the start of these injections. Botox will not allow wrinkles to become deeper, so you will not look older.

Lie #6: The Substance Has Potent Dependence-Producing Properties

Botox facts and myths are similar to interesting and catchy ghost-stories. People believe in them, retell them and scare others telling these stories. That’s why it’s crucially important to rely only on facts and ignore all untested assumptions. None of Botox side effects include addiction, it’s a total lie. The only thing that can be discussed is a slight psychological dependence because the effect of the drug is temporary and when wrinkles appear again, people want to get rid of them again and again.

Lie #7: Botox is Frighteningly Expensive

Yes. Botox was extremely expensive 10 or 20 years ago. But not today. In the 21st-century beauty injections are affordable for most people. This is because the beauty market grows, the number of specialists continuously rises, and the price of many services becomes lower. Now you can easily order Botox online, buy it at the clinic or special pharmaceutical institutions.

Final Slice

After we have thoroughly understood the false facts about Botox, we can conclude that this procedure is a good and safe thing to do. But don’t forget that this is a drug and instead of asking “Is Botox dangerous?” be careful and always consult your doctor.
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