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How Botox Can Cure Acne?

How Botox Can Cure Acne

Even the most beautiful, symmetric, and proportional features of the face can be spoiled by acne – purulent rashes of red color, which leave ugly scars and traces for a long time. Previously, this was a problem predominantly of adolescence, but now, even people of 35 years old can suffer from acne. Unlike ordinary pimples, acne causes constant discomfort and considerably affects the general appearance, which even a professional makeup is not able to hide. It destroys the person’s self-confidence and causes constant discontent with him/herself and his/her appearance, and creates new complexes. What to do?

The Best Treatment for Acne

Modern medicine seriously regards the problems with appearance and classifies acne as a medical problem rather than merely a cosmetic one. Choosing the method of treatment also depends on the age of the patient. If in front of you is a teenager 13-16 years old, acne on the skin is a manifestation of the inner processes, hormonal changes, and all other alterations related to the growing up period. In most cases, it disappears as soon as the adolescence ends.

However, it does not mean that acne at this age does not require treatment. It does, as teenagers are very sensitive and problems with appearance are a serious threat to their self-esteem, relations with the peers (especially the opposite sex), and future adult life. After thorough examinations and analyzes, the doctor may subscribe to some medical treatment, home skincare, adjust diet, and recommend some beauty procedures like face cleaning, peelings, masks, etc. Botox for acne in patients under 18 years old is strictly forbidden. For all other patients, it may become a wonderful solution to get rid of ugly pimples, remove inflammations, eliminate scars and traces, and obtain a clean and beautiful skin.

Botox Therapy for Acne

If acne happens in adulthood, there are many more concerns to consider, and merely beauty procedures, skincare, etc. may not be effective at all. Looking simply for an option “Botox treatment near me” is not for the older patients. This is a question, which requires a serious approach both from the side of the patient and doctor. At this age, the doctor must examine first of all the inner health conditions: digestive and endocrine systems, liver and intestines, etc. to determine the cause of the problem. Just a complex and comprehensive approach can help to fight acne once and forever.

Many people cannot even imagine how Botox and acne can be placed in the same sentence, moreover, how one can be a treatment for the second one. The remedy, which smooths wrinkles and treats cervical dystonia, now, helps to eliminate scars and post-acne marks. The point is that acne pimples are formations caused by the overactive secretion of sebum, which is stored in the upper layers of the skin. Like all other glands, sebaceous glands are activated by the corresponding nerve impulses from the brain. There may be multiple reasons, which provoke too intense sebum production, but whatever is the cause, Botox for acne scars can block these signals.

Peculiarities of the Procedure

Botox is used for different purposes, but the key to its effectiveness lies in the dosage of the drug and the total number of injections. Botulinum toxin, which is the base for Botox, blocks nerve endings, and when injected into the muscles, can completely paralyze them and immobilize. People with acne do not need this effect, so it is important to preserve the mobility of muscles and active face mimics. How to do that?

Unlike in injections for eliminating wrinkles, the doctor should determine the correct dose of the drug and inject it into the superficial tissues of the skin to get a slight local effect of ‘freezing’. It will not affect the muscle, but the nerves will be blocked and would not able to activate the sebaceous glands. The secretion of sebum will significantly decrease, reducing the inflammation and number of pimples.

It is important to state that Botox is not a cure for the decease, but it helps temporarily to eliminate its manifestations and give time to cure it with the help of medications without spoiling the quality of the patient’s life and destroying self-confidence. The effect after the injection may last from four to six months, and then, if there is a need, man or woman may repeat the procedure. The price of Botox starts at $299 per package.

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