Euflexxa vs Synvisc-One Comparison

Euflexxa vs Synvisc-One Comparison

The older people become, the more health problems they have. Joints dysfunction is one of the most widespread problems especially when it comes to the lack of synovial fluid or the articular fluid. This liquid provides proper joints functioning but if it lacks, articular cartilages begin to rub against each other and gradually collapse. During this process, a person experiences long and tangible pain.

Modern medicine has many approaches on how to get rid of it: diets, massages, creams, painkillers, physical training, etc. All these methods are tested many times by doctors and considered by people as useful medicines for joints dysfunction. But sometimes people come to doctors and claim that they’ve tried everything but none of these methods works. In such cases, doctors would recommend gel injections for knees. There are many medications capable to replace the joints natural liquid. In this article, we’re going to speak about two excellent remedies — Synvisc-One and Euflexxa. Keep on reading, and you’ll learn:

  • What is Synvisc One and how it can help you;
  • What is Euflexxa and how to apply it;
  • How long do knee gel injections last;
  • Methods of application, prices, effects, contraindications, side effects and more.

What Am I Dealing With?

Synvisc is a special remedy for synovial fluid restoration. The drug contains hyaluronic acid, which is necessary for joints functioning. Synvisc injections temporarily replace synovial substances due to which the physiological tissues features are restored.

Euflexxa is another sterile, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic gel-consistency preparation that contains a solution of highly purified high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate in a saline solution of phosphate buffer and is used for replacement of synovial fluid in the damaged joints.

The Scope of the Drug

As was previously mentioned, Synvisc is used for synovial substance restoration. Doctors prescribe the remedy for patients who suffer from the pain caused by the knee, hip, ankle, or shoulder osteoarthritis.

Euflexxa is used when the patient suffers from acute pain in the joints, cannot move the damaged part of the body, there is redness and swelling on the particular area. The drug is also used for degenerative-dystrophic and traumatic changes in other synovial joints.


Synvisc injections cost more than Euflexxa treatment but don’t make hasty decisions because Synvisc treatment it’s the only one injection while Euflexxa is injected several times. This fact makes two drugs cost almost equally. And with the market’s constant changes and new methods’ application, the prices of both remedies can change anytime.

P.S. Whichever drug you choose, it is always cheaper than doing surgery.

Methods of Application

Both remedies are designed only for synovial space injections and can’t be used as a treatment for other problem areas. The full course of Euflexxa treatment includes 3 sessions (doctors inject 2 ml of Euflexxa once a week). One sterile syringe is used for only one injection. If you need to inject the remedy into two knees, you have to use separate syringes. Synvisc syringe contents is also intended only for single use. Before the Synvisc introduction, synovial fluid is removed. For all other actions, doctors have to follow instructions.

Drug Action and Efficiency

Many people already have convinced that Synvisc injections not only relieve pain but cause excellent effects for damaged body parts. It replaces natural synovial liquid preventing joints` destruction. It also stimulates natural tissue restoration. There are no restrictions for the drug application — patients suffering from different pathologies can buy Synvisc One and have positive health changes.

Euflexxa causes the same action as the previous remedy. The gel effectively replaces synovial fluid because it contains sodium hyaluronate that provides relief from knee pain for six months.

Contraindications & Side Effects

Dangerous Euflexxa and Synvisc side effects are absent. Patients can feel slight pain after injection and there can be little bruises at the injection sites. The doctor always should examine the patient before the procedure and check whether the remedy is not contraindicated to him\her. The list of main contraindications includes:

  • increased sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • venous or lymphatic stasis at the area of affected joint;
  • infected joints;
  • joint inflammation;
  • skin lesions or skin infections in the injection site.

A Few Synvisc and Euflexxa FAQs

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How soon will I receive my order?
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