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Key Features of Orthopaedics Injections

Key Features of Orthopaedics Injections

Intra-articular injections of cosmetic preparations are one of the most effective and promising methods for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. This kind of treatment is recognized by lot of official organizations and private clinics. For example, injection method is included in the list of activities recommended by the World Health Organization for patients with mild and moderate symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Most often, intra-articular therapy with appropriate drugs is used while the insufficient effectiveness of conservative methods of treatment can be observed: tablets, ointments, etc. It significantly reduces dependence on analgesics and anti-inflammatory preparations, has a long curative effect, slows the rate of progression of the disease and allows a long delay for the possible surgery.

Type of injected agent depends on the type of illness: osteoarthritis needs hyaluronic acid usage, tendonitis, tendinosis, enthesopathy, epicondylitis can be cured by plasma with platelets.

What are the consequences of intra-articular injections

The main results of such a treatment will be:

  • Reducing pain and improving joint mobility
  • Reducing the need for painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs
  •  Restoration of articular joint elasticity
  • Possibility of avoiding a radical surgical intervention to replace the affected joint with an artificial one or, at the very least, postpone the operation for a later period
  • Excellent tolerability and no serious side effects.

Differences between hormones injections and growth factors injections?

There are different classifications of types of agents for the intra-articular therapy. One of the subdivisions indicates hormones and growth factors injections.

Hormonal drugs perform only one function which is reducing the inflammation, and, therefore, providing an analgesic effect. At the same time, they do not affect the healing of problematic zones and do not prevent repeated damage. The World Health Organization recommends the injections of hormones no more than 3 times a year, otherwise, instead of the curative effect, hormones would have a damaging effect.

Injections of growth factors not only reduce pain and inflammation, but also affect the cause of their occurrence. Growth factors trigger the processes of regeneration of damaged tissues by stimulating the synthesis of necessary components for healing and restoration of tissue structure and restoring integrity as well as strength of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones.

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