p Must Know: Contraindication of Dermal Fillers Usage

Must know: contraindication of dermal fillers usage

Must know: contraindication of dermal fillers usage

As with all procedures, dermal fillers have contraindications. For the reason, that there is a huge variety of fillers and popularity of dermal injections – both from medical and cosmetic purposes – grows rapidly, consumers have to check all the requirements before such a treatment.

Materials and combining

The first thing to note: even after reading these conditions, before making the solution regarding the procedure, you must necessarily consult with the appropriate doctors.

To start, agents for injection should be of proven quality, so consumers shall buy from reliable suppliers who offer preparations of well-known manufacturers. Because, there are chances, that products can lead to unfavorable results: the ingredients can cause infections and severe allergic reactions and some of them may “migrate” to other parts of body.

It is also contraindicated to combine such a procedure with massage, light therapy and procedures, which involve electricity. It is not recommended immediately after the procedure to use makeup or to visit the sauna and solarium, until swelling and redness subsides.

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List of main contraindication

It is absolutely forbidden to use fillers in the case of:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding, cancer and autoimmune diseases, acute and skin infections, exacerbation of chronic diseases, hemophilia, skin inflammation in the area of presumed injections
  • the skin’s tendency to form keloid scars
  • presence of permanent fillers in the corrected zones, such as silicone or biopolymers
  • allergy to the components of the agent
  • recent usage of laser or chemical peeling.

The factor of doctor

Again it is needed to highlight the necessity to visit a doctor regarding usage of dermal fillers. This procedure only externally seems like a simple process. In fact it implies a certain protocol of action to exclude any side effects and allergic reactions.

It is not very safe to make injections at home. The physician should use safe and sterile equipment, wear gloves throughout the procedure and be well prepared in handling the process from start to finish.

A plastic surgeon and a cosmetologist doctor must detail the indications for applying of dermal fillers to fully justify the patient’s expectations.

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