From Extreme to Mainstream: The Future of Aesthetics Injectables

From Extreme to Mainstream The Future of Aesthetics Injectables

Medical aesthetics injectables are definitely not something that can surprise people in the twenty-first century. Cosmetic procedures for a more youthful appearance have become as common as regular checkups in the hospital. They are expected to develop into the usual routine for millions of people in a few years. Want more proof of our prediction? Well, today is your lucky day, as we will discuss all the essential details for this topic to ensure our readers have answers for everything they are interested in.

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Because of the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures, as well as people’s general interest in beauty, health, and natural aging, the acceptance and awareness of aesthetic treatments have grown visibly. This is the main reason for new target audience segments’ occurrence, as it gets harder to ignore the trendy recommendations everyone is talking about. Meanwhile, the next generation of injectables, facial aesthetics solutions, and other products meant to diminish facial wrinkles are developed to fulfill people’s needs and beauty goals so that anyone can find something helpful for their case.

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Predictions for the Next Five Years

New indications for already existing products and more target audiences for natural beauty treatments stimulate marketing growth of this sphere well, and it can be easily proven. According to the most recent analytics, projected revenue growth for the next five years is at least 12 percent yearly. It may grow up to 14 percent if this tendency isn’t affected by unpredictable situations (such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced revenue by 7 percent; however, in 2021, the numbers grew again back to the initial level, and now they only continue to improve). We believe the reason is that trends nowadays are more discussed in social media, so it’s easier to decide what would be a better choice for one’s skin and health in general.

Customers Variety

In the past, the target audience for dermal fillers injection sessions consisted mainly of women over 40 seeking solutions to restore volume, correct sagging skin, and remove deeper lines and creases in various facial zones. Now, the tendency has shifted a bit. According to surveys, male customers get invested in their looks as much as female customers, and the average age varies between 30 and 50. Not to mention that dermal fillers are widely used in younger patients for lip injections, facial contouring, and other cosmetic purposes.

Sometimes, the average age depends on the region you’re interested in. For example, the core demographic in Chine is much younger than, e.g., North America. Don’t forget to indicate the country in your request to learn more precise numbers. 

Top Dermal Filler Brands in 2022

To understand trends in 2023 better, we believe it may be helpful to discuss the most popular dermal fillers in 2022, as these tendencies usually migrate (or partially migrate) into the following year. So, here are the top 5 dermal fillers specialists most often purchased at FillerSupplies in 2022:

  • Juvederm. An excellent brand by the Allergan manufacturer, this injectable type is suitable for various aesthetic needs, like lip enhancement, lines and wrinkles removal, and other cosmetic treatments. Hyaluronic acid in the products’ base improves one’s looks without severe adverse reactions;
  • TeosyalThe next is a premium Swiss product with HA as the main ingredient. These injectables are very plastic, so they can soften lines and provide youthful looks from 12 to 18 months. Lidocaine is present in most products from this brand, so painless administration can be expected during the procedure;
  • StylageOriginating in France, Stylage definitely knows a lot about elegance and natural looks. By using hyaluronic acid, these products provide beneficial effects for various areas of the face and do not cause strong side effects afterward;
  • SayphaImproved with the help of S.M.A.R.T. technology, this brand provides long-lasting results and can be easily combined with other products to guarantee a fantastic appearance boost and noticeable skin improvement;
  • RadiesseThis one is the only one from the list that contains calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres instead HA molecules, as most dermal filler brands on the market. As this product is denser than other options, it may last more than 2 years and can be used for facial sculpting and contouring. Remember, it’s not suitable for a sensitive lip area; for this purpose, a hyaluronic acid injectable brand should be picked together with a specialist.

Top Dermal Filler Brands in 2022

How Do Patient Bases for Medical Aesthetic Injectables Get Expended?

Medical professionals use different tactics and promotion methods to attract more customers for severe facial wrinkles treatments. Below, we are going to discuss the most effective and popular options, which can definitely be used by anyone out there, as well as some tendencies noticed during the past few years.

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The Number of Clinics Is Growing Gradually

Access to cosmetic treatment is not shocking to anyone out there nowadays. Many new professionals are entering the market, new clinics and beauty salons offer severe wrinkles elimination quickly and without unnecessary delays, and people may choose among numerous options available on the market. If we look closely at the numbers, it becomes clear that his segment is among the fastest-growing ones in the aesthetics industry.

Social Media Improve Acceptance and Awareness

From 2010 to 2020, social media coverage for the aesthetic sphere grew fivefold, and there is no sign of this tendency to slow down. Being present online guarantees one’s success in any sphere, not only aesthetic medicine, so consider meeting the needs of potential customers and telling the world about your clinic, as well as your patients’ experiences.

New Indications Are Discussed More

New uses for bot dermal fillers and botulinum toxins are more discussed now, so people have a more comprehensive selection of treatment options to choose from. For instance, Botox is now suitable for not only forehead lines prevention but also for gummy smile treatment; just like that, traditional lip augmentation is not the only way to use fillers, as chin, cheeks, and other facial zones are suitable for this product as well.

More Patients’ Needs Can Be Met

Thanks to the technological improvement of every injectable treatment, more people can find perfect solutions for their aesthetic requests. Here are just a few examples:

  • The average longevity of dermal fillers is increased. By using different technologies for injectables, it became possible to make fillers more durable. Thus, customers may expect results that last for a few years without the need to visit a plastic surgeon’s office;
  • New indications will be launched for dermal fillers and biostimulators. By 2025, next-generation technologies, such as biostimulators and silk-based technologies, are going to appear on the market. By using those, medical specialists will provide better improvement for people with various needs, and the selection of available procedures on the market will increase significantly.

Opportunities That Become Available for Aesthetic Professionals

The aesthetic beauty sphere grows with incredible speed; still, it’s very young, and there is definitely room for more improvement. So, what is our predictions that we believe are worth keeping in mind for every professional out there?

  • Regulatory compliance. As the industry improves and develops rapidly, there is a chance regulations for certain treatments may change as well in some countries. For example, manufacturers may sharpen their regulatory compliance functions for overall safety and scalability;
  • Patient-centric solutions. We believe this one is likely to happen to create a stronger bond between patients and manufacturers. The simplest example is creating pre- and posttreatment skincare that clinics may offer patients after the injection session for the target area to heal faster, and results become visible in no time. Comprehensive aesthetics solutions are not as widely used nowadays as they should be, so we will definitely notice more options in the future. Moreover, in order to keep in touch with patients and maintain better relationships, manufacturers will probably use digital platforms, e-commerce tools, and other methods to communicate online;
  • Provider engagement. For now, there is no such thing as a close relationship between provider and manufacturer, and many people think it should be corrected in the nearest future. Special educational B2B (business to business) programs and other benefits will be included in the loyalty program to improve their customer experience and ensure they’ll become regulars, and create a stronger bond for many years.

To Sum Up: Are Dermal Filler Injections Becoming Mainstream?

Dermal filler treatments, along with other cosmetic treatments, are definitely something more usual for us compared to how it was a few years ago. You may even say they’re becoming mainstream; still, more and more people decide to use this rejuvenation and appearance improvement option for their own benefit. It’s truly amazing as many individuals used to be shy about such things and considered them as something dangerous or even forbidden. As you may see, the tendencies for aesthetic specialists are positive, so keep up with trends and create your own unique path to success. Thank you for visiting the FillerSupplies blog!

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